"We created this Website in order to serve our passion which is writing and discussing stories!"

Christos was the one who created, builded and gave life to this project. Spyros followed as they both loved writing their own books, discussing their opinions about plots, characters and worlds that a story can provide. The blog may be called ChriStories, but the main letters are C & S which are the first letters to their names.

One day they where on a cafeteria, Spyros was already there after attending his academy lesson, while Chris was as usual late, as he wached 'one more anime episode'. Once he arrived, he ordered one cold white chocolate. On this sunny hot day, inside they sat, enjoying the comfort of the airconditioning.

Spyros noticed something in the behavior of Chris and asked him what was eating him. Christos was furious as in the last episode he watched; his favourite character had died! As he was explaining every little detail to Spyros, and what he was imagining the future of the series would be, as he was proposing needlesly what could have happen in the series, he effortlessly created a whole different plot. At that moment an idea popped up

What if we create a website, a blog where we can post our own ideas and stories and books ?

This is the origin of this Blog

Meet us


Hello! I am Chris,

my works on this Blog is the original Books: 'Zepar' and 'Child of Ragnarok', and the whole Manga section!


I love fantasy world building books and stories, being a huge fan of Tolkien and his work, my goal is to write at some point a book long and rich with a fascinating plot, characters and world!


I also wish to follow passion on sketcing and drawing graphic Novels, such as Manga.


I hope you will follow me on this Journey!



Hello! I am Spyros, the author behind Mount and Blade Books and Argive, while writing most
of the Story Analysis section.

I have an immense liking on historical novels, either ancient or new, like Homer’s Iliad, while I truly enjoy epic fantasy stories and myths of various types. As my goal, is to write at some point, a series of historical novels, relating to my academic subject, which is theology.

But of course, first I want to create an epic character in an epic world full of peril and adventure. Hench, my gaming experience comes in handy!

Read, enjoy and never be afraid to write your own stories!

Message from us both

Although two different kinds of people, we managed to work together, each on our side, but at the same front desk.

ChriStories is not an exclusively one-type blog! It has content frommagic fantasy adventures to manga stories, to gaming and movie analysis. Each of us has his
own strengths and weaknesses. Although Spyros can understand, write down and describe in detail a huge scale battle, he cannot draw. And while Chris is very capable of describing a very complex world with angels, demons, humans, and other races, he is not able to write
down a historical novel.

And that is why we decided to join forces! Together, we hope to build up a community that shares the common passion of all writers out there: the telling of a story. No matter the genre, we all have ideas in our heads, that need to come forth and take shape!

After all, the only thing you need is a pencil and a paper!

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