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Anime Releasing in October 2023 :Reminder

Anime Releasing in October 2023 :Reminder

October is here and there are a few popular anime that are getting a new season this month. In case you have forgotten some of these anime or have never watched them, here are 8 of those releasing this month. IF you haven’t watched any of these shows yet or do not remember them fear not this is a no-spoil zone.

1. Dr.Stone season 3 part 2

In the year 2019 AD a mysterious flash suddenly petrifies nearly all human life. The human race is stuck in stasis for 3,700 years, until a 16 year old prodigy named Senku Ishigami is revived in April of 5738 to find that all human civilization has been eroded by time. Senku starting from scratch alongside his dear friend Taiju , the brains and the brawn,  will try to start the civilization from scratch.

Dr Stone Season 3 Part 2 | Crunchyroll Official Announcement

2. The Eminence in shadow season 2 

Cid kagenou our protagonist, is someone who is aspiring to be like the heroes that work in the shadows of society. Met with an unfortunate accident he is reborn in a world of magic. Cid aspiring to become stronger has gained a vast amount of knowledge in martial arts all around the world. This knowledge and discipline of his will undoubtedly help him in his journey to become the strongest.

The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 trailer

3. Rising of the shield hero season 3 2023

A gamer is magically summoned into a parallel universe, where he is chosen as one of four heroes destined to save the world from its prophesied doom. The four Cardinal heroes are the ones wielding the shield, bow, spear and sword. They will defend the lands from the unending waves of calamity and doom. Naofumi our protagonist ,the shield hero, ridiculed and belittled by everyone else will set his own path and try to save the world.

Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 2023

4. Spy x Family season 2

Corrupt politicians and other warmongering forces want to pit Ostania and Westalis against each other and disturb the peace between them. A famous and renowned spy Twilight takes on dangerous missions to make sure this never happens. Now his mission as Loid Forger, in the Ostanian city of Berlint, is to gather intelligence on the prominent politician  figure Desmond Donovan. Rarely appearing in his son’s school Twilight will have to become a loving father figure. Twilight will struggle to maintain his identity while being a loving father alongside Yor the Thorn Princess and Anya an esper.

Spy x Family Season 2 Trailer

5. Goblin slayer season 2

In a fantasy world, goblins are ferocious and cunning. Even though they are not as powerful as other monsters, many overlook their power. Able to reproduce at a very fast rate they are a danger that needs to be dealt with. Adventurers turn a blind eye while the goblins kidnap females of other species. A young aspiring princess joins a group of enthusiastic adventurers to investigate the missing young women. As their demise is certain due to their inexperience the mysterious Goblin slayer comes to their rescue.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Trailer

6. Tokyo Revengers season 3

Takemichi Hanagaki had a gang of friends he could count on and a girlfriend. His life was perfect. But after 12 years he is a nobody and very depressed with his life. Always made fun of and picked on by his younger boss Takemichi suddenly finds out by the news about a cruel murder, his girlfriend.  But before his pitiful life ends he goes back 12 years to the days that he is still dating her, Hinata Tachibana. He will try to alter that future.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Trailer

7. The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 part 2

Chise Hatori a 15 year old Japanese girl was sold for five million pounds at an auction. The man that bought her was a mysterious tall masked gentleman. Abandoned at a very young age and ridiculed by those close to her for her weird behavior she loses the will to live. She is ready to give herself to any buyer if it means having a place to call home. The mysterious man ends up being a magus and a completely different world that known new existed opens up to her. 

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2 part 2 trailer

8. Arknights Perish in Frost

After the popular mobile game Arknights takes place in the dystopian world of Terra. The discovery of Originium, a mineral, has advanced the technology of Terra a lot. Often found in catastrophes this mineral infects the citizens. Rhodes Island commits on finding a treatment, a paramilitary pharmaceutical organization. For better or for worse the Doctor that is in charge of the project suffers from amnesia and doest remember anything.  

Arknights Perish in Frost

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