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Baldur’s Gate 3 A Game that Delivered and Innovated

Baldur’s Gate 3 A Game that Delivered and Innovated

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a story rich party based game that released on the 3rd of August 2023. Developed by Larian Studios it is the third installment of the Baldurs gate franchise. I am sure you have seen this game around. If not, stick with us and  you may have found yourself a new game to play. 

So what is this game about ?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Dungeons and Dragons game that is based on D&Ds ruleset. There are dice, turn based combat and strategy involved. Personally, as someone that had never delved into those types of games I was very hesitant to purchase this game. The combat seemed  too difficult and boring. I was wrong though. We get bombarded by so many shooter games in the gaming industry that we forget to appreciate games like these.

Combat and Gameplay

The combat this game has to offer is interesting and challenging. There is an action bar at the bottom that has all the skills and moves you need. You have actions that you use per round based on your character and class. The surprise here that caught me off guard was that you can use the environment to your advantage. You can dip your weapons in fire or destroy a statue, drop chandeliers and much more. There are many ways to play the game and many unique interactions to be had. The game does have a learning curve and it might be a bit difficult to get used to at first; but it is worth it and not that bad as it may look.

Characters and Customization

The game has a lot of customization and what I consider to be healthy customization. There are a lot of options for each category. It may look like a lot at the start but it is more than enough to not get you overwhelmed. Alongside the customization you have the Character creation practically next to it. You can choose the race you want, sometimes the subrace, and the background. Things like noble, soldier, charlatan and the list goes on. Depending on your class and what character you want to build, choosing a background is important. As all of these things give you bonuses to persuasion, charisma etc.

Which brings me to the next point. Also, If you do not bother creating a character or you want to play as one of the main characters in the story; you can! The game gives you the ability to play as one of the key characters in the game which is fascinating.

Stats & Classes

Stats and Classes are plenty in this game. Let’s talk about classes first. There are a ton of classes in this game. There are a lot of subclasses and specializations as well. On top of that there is multiclassing as well. There are a lot of combinations here. So if you are someone that gets bored really quickly or you want to make a crazy combination you can. There is a lot of freedom and roleplaying in this game. Depending on the class you choose you have unique dialogue options as well. Clerics can choose the Deity they want to serve. On top of that there is a huge list of perks that you can select from when leveling up. These allow you to take spells from other classes, be more resilient and there is so much to choose from. 

Baldur’s Gate 3: Final thoughts

Baldur`s Gate 3 is an amazing game with stunning visuals. An immense amount of dialogue options and areas. The game does not hold your hand and lets you explore as it drives in the vastness of the world it is presenting to you. From Romance options to Lore to new ways to play the game there is so much to do and discover.


This is a game where you can make a ton of playthroughs and still discover something you hadn’t in your previous runs. The amount of freedom the game gives you to how everything is built and presented is refreshing and extremely fun. Even Romancing a character is well-thought out and planned inside the game; if that is something you are interested in. I did not regret buying this game and I think you should too.  

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