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Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Chapter 2: Hollow return

Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Chapter 2: Hollow return

Kind Reminder, this is a fan-made story. Not cannon by all means. You will understand the plot and the reason behind its creation soon enough… A story about a Hollow and a Human…

The story continues right after the first Chapter where our known characters are about to celebrate Ichigo s Birthday! Until 2 intruders arrived unprovoked.

Check out the first chapter if you hadn’t

Hollow Return


Ichigo celebrated his Birthday with some familiar faces. Humans, Hollow and Shinigami had a one day truce and had a good time together with no fighting.

Ichigo and Rukia have formed a special romantic bond. Inoue had some thoughts in her mind which could not speak out loud. Rangiku tried to talk to her giving her point of view; after she lost Gin in the fight against Aizen, she was sceptical and lonely as well. Noone could know what Orihime Inoue was thinking and feeling, but her. Is she jealous of Rukia and Ichigo or is she happy for them? After the consulting Rangiku, it appears she was happy for them, but still a feeling like a void was consuming her. Did she realize she had feelings for someone who was long gone? Someone who cared for her, willing to sacrifice himself for her happiness, whithout him even knowing.

Some days later, a powerful Arrancar who was considered long lost, reappered. With no valid explanation of his return he immediatly went to Hueco Mundo; only to find out that the King of all Hollows was crowned none other but Grimmjow with Neliel as the Queen. The green eyed Hollow didn’t even try to question the Kings recently claimed authority. But asked only one thing in return… The safety of a Human!


Yes! the story is about those two. I long wanted to ship Ulquiorra and Orihime. With this fan-made Manga, my goal is to create a story where those two could have a seperate story. The Chapters wont be as detailed as the ones of a professional Mangaka. I am but an amateur who just wants to put his dreamed theories and plots in public. I hope you will enjoy this Journey with me.

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