Our Stories

Check out, our own E-Books we are writing. Beautiful exciting Plots, a huge variety of Characters and fascinating Worlds contain the Stories we write for this Blog! We love to write stories which is the main reason we created this Blog, to share our writings with you! But this doesn’t mean we are creating only original stories, because as you can see below we plan to also create adaptation of famous and loved stories. So, do not waste any time and jump right in and explore our imaginary stories!!!


We also create Manga!!! Comics/Graphic Novels that are drawn in a Japanese style. Its a fun way to express our narratives. If you are familiar with Comics or Manga we are positive that in our Blog you will find our original Stories and adaptations pretty interesting as well. We can’t wait to post more and more of this content which may be difficult but also very amusing to create! Our Goal is to post the next chapters at least every 2 or 3 weeks. But you can expect for sure, that every month you will get chapters of our Manga. So rest assure!

Story Analysis Blog

A Section in our Blog where we talk about Stories and all of its kinds; in Movies, Series, Books, even in Games! Posts with Reviews, where we analyze the plot, the characters and story development, so it can become clear the mysteries and queries of every Story. We will discuss some of our favorites stories in famous movies and series. We will see the difference between story development in Games and Books. Making Suggestions on Stories that may not be getting their deserved attention or may pass unnoticed in the publicity. So, get ready to follow us in this remarkable journey analyzing and exploring the Stories!

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