Manga Chapters

This Section is where the Manga Chapters are going to be published in our Blog. Manga are stories in Comic art style, that can’t possible left out of our Website and Blog. Especially since, Chris, Author and one of the two founders of this Website is a huge fan of this Japanese Graphic Novels. After all he followed for some years, Art and Design lessons. Plus a Manga seminar, which was finished last year. He believes he is ready to start his own Manga. But, this might have to wait for some time. Because one of his dreams was to make an adaptation of one of his favorite Manga and Anime. The famous Show called “Bleach”. Many of you who follow and know about Manga, most likely you have already heard of it.

Bellow you will find Chapters of the Manga he is currently working on… The Bleach, Alternative Story is his top priority considering the Manga content of our Blog. But rest assure that more content and original stories are going to be published in the near future. We can’t wait for your opinion until then.

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