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A Section in this Blog where we post and share the stories we write ourselves! Fascinating Plots and great development is our main criteria for creating the best possible scenario for them. We created this Section for the Blog, so the stories can be read with ease, comfort and simplicity. Our works are like books, which means that we are planning to post every time chapters, so at the end we can form an E-Book for each of our Stories.

Currently there are 4 books in the making, 2 for each Author. Spyros, is working on “Mount and Blade: Rise of War” a captivating tale, inspired by the famous game. In addition he plans an extra book which we will name it “The Argive: Gates of Hades”. I, Chris, will prepare, apart from my main story “Zepar: A Buried Secret” an additional book which narrates a fantasy story about a Norse Mythological Creature, the Jormungandr, you may heard of it as The World Serpent.

We plan to post every week at least one Chapter of the Books. We hope you will find them interesting and fascinating as we do while write them! Without further ado, Thank you for reading the description of this Section and we wish you a happy Reading! :)

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