Story Analysis

This is the Section, Archive of the Story Analysis Blog, where we are going to explore posts about Stories. Telling a story has been a habit and custom since the beginning of humanity. From painting a wall to publishing a video game. We can notice there are tons of ways to “tell a story”. Here we are going to analyze, review and sometimes recommend some interesting stories. Video Games, TV series, Movies, Books, Novels, Comics, etc. All have something in common and it is the story-telling and development of one (or more) protagonist and his journey. While exploring the world of the author, his many side characters, villains, antagonists and much, much more. The way the protagonist follows his path and journey and how it will end depends of the genre of the plot and the way it is shown to the audience.

In these posts, we are going to make in this section, Story Analysis, we will see many stories and explore their story and character development. Not to mention, that our plans contain making suggestions of some underrated stories (games, movies, shows etc.). So the variety and the quantity of the posts in this section will never be small!

When visiting our site you can always check this section throughout the weeks to find a posts of a story you may not have been introduced. We hope this Section proves fun and entertaining to you. As it is for us creating and exploring with you the beauty of the Stories!

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