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Ragnarok: The Ultimate Battle Between Gods and Giants

Ragnarok: The Ultimate Battle Between Gods and Giants

Centuries have past and the first sights, showing that Ragnarok, the final battle, is near were starting to appear. Fimbulwinter, the great winter is here! Jormungandr sensed it and he knew what it was coming next, while all other creatures, gods, giants did not. He already made up his mind about what he was going to do. He planned a strategy to counter some of the gods’ movements, he already knew.

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Before the battle

In the meantime, the All-father, Odin was also making his preparations about the Ragnarok. The informations he got from Mimir from a time that seemed long ago, proved very useful to him! His plan made sure to him that he would get the win! He thought of every possible scenario. But he didn’t pay attention on two things! That Ragnarok will happen when the gods all sleep. All the gods, except Heimdall the all-seeing. He will watch everything as it begins, although he will be powerless to prevent what he sees from happening.

The terrible winter that will not end, the Fimbulwinter had already began and now the time of great earthquakes came as well! It had begun… All those who were in any kind of bonds or shackles will be freed; Fenrir and Loki included! And so it happened, with the greatest, most dreadful monsters this world had ever knew, all gathered together in the battle plain called Vigrid.

Loki with the legions of Hel, Sutr the flame giant with his flaming sword and the burning sons of Muspel, Hrym the great frost Giant leader with his followers, Fenris Wolf the most fearsome monstrous and strongest Giant ever lived and the World Serpent who navigated the flooded seas until he was too close to Vigrid, he writhed up on the sand and forced himself ashore, with most of his body still remaining in the sea. The Jormungandr of this timeline!

The pieces are set

Jormungandr that came from the future was still hiding in the waters observing and waiting for the perfect opportunity, as he planned. Even though he was eager to show himself to his kin he realized that he would bring great disturbances in the balance of the World tree, as Ratatoskr quoted. But also, He couldn’t show himself to himself, from this timeline as it would only raise great confusion among the Giant Legion. It was indeed a very complicated situation…

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And so Heimdall saw all this as it occurs. He sees everything, after all, he is the watchman of the gods. And now and only now he acts! Heimdall blows the Gjallerhorn! The horn that was once Mimir’s. He blew it with all his strength. Asgard shakes with its noise, and it is then that the sleeping gods wake and reach for their weapons and assemble! With the Gjallerhorn being blown, the bridge between realms opens in every Realm simultaneously.

The great Ash Tree Yggdrassil, the world-tree, will shake like a leaf in the wind and the Aesir, followed by the Einherjar, the warriors who died honorable deaths in past battles. They all will dress for war one last time and together they will rise out to Vigrid, the final battlefield.

Odin rides in front. His armor gleams and he wear a golden helmet. Thor will ride beside him, Mjolnir in his hand. They reach the field…

And the final battle begins

Odin makes straight for Fenrir, the wolf, now grown so huge as to be beyond imagining. The all-father grips Gungnir, his spear, in his fist. Thor sees that Odin heads for the great wolf and he smiles as he heads straight for the Midgard Serpent, with his hammer in his Iron gauntlet.

Frey, Freya’s brother, makes for flaming and monstrous Sutr. His flaming sword is huge and it burns even when it misses. Frey had a plan in his mind and he was the one who figured out a weakness in Sutr’s strength. He comforted her sister as he always did and made sure to her that he knew what he was doing. The bitter truth though, was that he didn’t. He never did. He wanted to bring hope and courage to the men and gods besides him and aimed for the one thing everyone were terrified of… Sutr! Frey fights hard and well, but he will be the first of the Aesir to fall.

The noise of battle is furious; The Einherjar, Odin’s noble warriors are locked in the pitched battle with the dead, the troops that Loki is leading.

Hel’s personal dog, Garm the hellhound growls. He is clearly smaller than Fenrir, but still not even a bit less scary! Garm is the mightiest and most dangerous of all dogs. With parts of his body being just bones and rotting meat, he makes one thing with his appearance that he indeed came straight from Hel! The dog rips apart the throats of the warriors making the battle one-sided for the dead. Tyr, the one-handed, stands in front of Garm and fights him bravely, but their battle would be the death of both of them. Garm dies with his teeth locked in Tyr’s throat.

 Fenrir’s Revenge

Odin battles Fenrir bravely, but the wolf is more vast and more dangerous than anything could possibly be. It is bigger than the Sun, bigger than the Moon. Odin thrusts into its mouth with his spear, as he had figure out a way to defeat his nemesis. Long nights into his office, long walks inside his halls in Asgard as he had a plan in his mind. A strategy that would alter fate into his benefit and shift his end that was foreseen! But reality hit different for the All-Father. One snap of Fenrir’s jaws and the spear is gone. Another bite and a crunch and a swallow and Odin, the all-father, greatest and wisest of all the gods, is gone as well, never to be seen again.

Fenrir Vs Odin Child of RagnarokChapter 10 ChriStories

The Giants were winning this fight. Jormungandr was seeing all that beneath the waters and was smiling because he already knew the outcome of those battles. He was there when it all happened in his timeline. He turns his look on his younger self but he saw something that wasn’t mend to happen. Thor kills the Midgard Serpent… He smashed the great serpent’s brain with his hammer. Leaps back as the snakes had trembles on to the battlefield. Thor is good nine steps away from it when the head crashes to the ground. But that was not enough. Even as it dies, the serpent empties its venom sacs over the thunder god in a thick black spray. Thor grunts in pain and then falls lifeless to the earth, poisoned by the creature he slew.

Unable to act…

Jormungandr was shocked and confused. His younger self wasn’t sent back in time as it happened to him, but the outcome of this battle was his and Thor’s death. Now was the time to act! But Jormungandr remained hidden in the ocean, still, observing the battle.

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