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The Revenge and loneliness of a Giant

The Revenge and loneliness of a Giant

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Ragnarok ended, and everyone lost… Fenrir ate Odin, but he was killed by Vidar, Jormungandr and Odin died from each other, while the Mjolnir passed to Thors sons Magni and Modi. Heimdal and Loki lifeless on the ground… Surtr the flaming Giant, scorched the earth and all the realms. Asgard is no more but in its place Idavoll was raised! The realm for the surviving new gods. Vidar took his fathers place as the leader of the new gods. Vali on his side, Magni and Modi both holding Mjolnir, while Balder and Hod returned from the dead. They will talk about the old times but they had hope for the new world they will create and rule over.

The Giant had seen enough!

Jormungandr, the Giant World Serpent had seen enough! He emerges like an eruptin volcano to attack the Aesir Gods, Child of Ragnarok Chapter 12, ChriStories Blog

That was when he came out! He waited for far too long without seeing the outcome he wanted! Jormungandr disturbed the calmness the world was having at the time. He had enough but blamed himself for not interacting when it was needed! His face was full of sadness, grief and disappointment. He thought that after Ragnarok, the giants would have won the battle, and they would have been the ones to rule and rebuild the world. Jormungandr hated the gods, especially Thor and his Hammer Mjolnir! Seeing the hammer in the hands of Thor’s surviving sons, filled his eyes with unbelievable rage

He looked down to his brother’s killer and roared so loud, like a volcano being erupted. He could be heard throughout Idavoll! The peaceful world could not possibly handle another battle between giants and gods. Vidar and Balder, being the wisest of the six gods, realized that and made their best effort to calm the Giant long-suffering snake in front of them. They needed to keep the peace and make it last forever. Vidar wished for a world with no war, as Balder was hoping to undo his past mistakes. 

Bow to the Giant 

Vidar took a step in front of the rest of the gods and bowed. Fenrir’s killer, Vidar, the one who took Odin’s place as the leader, bowed to the giant and begged him, crying to him to accept peace terms with them. 

“I know what we did, what I did, to your family was unfair, cruel and unjust! Please try to find forgiveness! We can build together anew! We are not the gods of the time before, and we are not the children of our fathers! Please oh mighty World Serpent let us be the first to break the circle of hatred and revenge …”

Balder follows Vidar’s will and bows to the World Serpent. With Vali after him. Magni and Modi still remained skeptical, still holding Mjollnir down.

Jormungandr stopped his rage spree. He found reason in the words of the gods in front of them. His mind was confused. Rage, Sadness, despair filled his emotions, but after hearing Vidars words and watching him bow as a sign of respect, deep in his heart, Jormungandr found hope. That a world could be created undoing the mistakes of the past… He bent over towards the leader of the gods to confront him. He was about to accept.

Failed Negotiations

But Magni and Modi, short minded and addicted to killing giants like their father, did not trust nor wanted to make any sort of a deal with the snake-giant. They couldn’t understand how he was alive. They saw his head ripped open from their fathers hit. Nevertheless they saw this opportunity as the perfect and correct time to avenge their father, as Vidar did by killing Fenrir. 

Mjollnir Destroyed by Jormungandr in Child of Ragnarok Chapter 12
Mjollnir Destroyed by Jormungandr in Child of Ragnarok Chapter 12

So they tossed together Mjollnir directly to Jormungandr. As the snake was looking so innocent and full of hope, the leader of the gods. As Mjollnir was in the air on its way to hit Jormungandr everyone heard Vidar’s scream!


The mighty hammer Mjollnir, the giant slayer, found its target!

But not in the way Magni and Modi intended. It was stopped by Jormungandr’s teeth. Jotmungandr bit the hammer Mjollnir and was holding it between his jaws. He put pressure like no time before crushing the hammer once and for all! The mighty Mjollnir was destroyed into tiny little pieces.

“I knew, I could not trust you” He said as the glimmer of hope he had some seconds ago turned into regret and rage once again. With killing intention in the tone of his voice!

He ate them. All six of them, after poisoning them to death. And there he was standing in this peaceful, without gods nor giants world. Where mankind wasn’t developed, yet. There he was standing, with the new Sun above his head. There, all alone, once again…

Child of Ragnarok Chapter 12 in ChriStories Blog, The Revenge and loneliness of a Giant
Child of Ragnarok Chapter 12 in ChriStories Blog, The Revenge and loneliness of a Giant


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