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Child of Ragnarok Chapter 15, The Ragnarok re-do paradox

Child of Ragnarok Chapter 15, The Ragnarok re-do paradox

With their final decision being made, the game is settled and Yggdrasil prepared for another time-redo.

With Ratatoskr having already secured Farbauti’s arrival. Only one thing was to put in motion, Jormungandr sent to the past, once again.

He wasn’t prepared for it, no one told him cause no one was alive. Ratatoskr ran; he ran extremely fast, charging up the speed and energy to cause a timespace hole!  He reached Midgard, saw the big snake as he was sleeping. Ratatoskr’s echoed voice trembled as he was making a promise to him. 

“I am sorry big guy, this will be the last, I promise!”

Ratatoskr stopped instantly and with the power charged on his hand he made a cut to the world-Tree with his claws. He then immediately disappeared from the scene.

A huge storm appeared out of nowhere in Midgard; So enormous that awoke the World-Serpent! Raised his head above the poisonous sea waters. He was confused and a little bit worried… He never witnessed a storm like that, not even in the two Ragnaroks he had already been in. Soon that storm turned into the most dark, evil-looking hurricane the world has ever seen.

Abnormalities filled it! Fire and Snow together in the sky, the ground was shaking with no end, the tides were crashing on each other non-stop! There were upside down whirlwinds. Jormungandr started panicking, he could not understand how and why this was happening. Suddenly at the center of the sky an enormous tornado appeared, its wind impact lifted Jormungandr from the tides! His eyes widened, his adrenaline reached the maximum and he felt fear… From the constant twists he crashed the ground with his giant sized body, he got countless hits on his head and after a while in this catastrophic event, Jormungandr lost his senses…


The scent in the air was clean and fair. The sky was bright and seagulls were squawking. He woke up, opened his eyes and smelled the air. It was familiar, like years before Ragnarok. 

What is going on? How could this be possible, he thought, while confused, lifted his head up and looked to the sky. Seagulls flew above his head, there was life! Sounds of nearby harbors ringed into his ears and this familiar feeling of war caught up to his veins. He took a good look beneath him. He landed on a near the sea village and the humans, panicked and frightened as they were, grouped up near him. They wore armor and prepared to attack him! He didn’t seem to care, their assaulted attacks on him with spears and arrows couldn’t pierce his enormous scales. Jormungandr ignored them and turned the other way and went off to the ocean. 

He needed to find answers, only to find out he wasn’t in an ocean but in a lake! Took a good look at the scenery. He could now feel; most of his  body was on land and his head was in a lake with nine constructions, something that looked like a ship in the middle. There was a statue of someone on this ship, someone he could remember. It was Tyr, the God of War!

As he was exploring the scenery, his nose caught a familiar scent! He turned his attention there, towards the Mountain! While his body was moving, he slithered above the village that was attacking him. He didn’t even notice the screams and the destruction that lasted only mere seconds when he was moving. He was fully concentrated on the context that lay above that mountain.

Finally, he reached its peak, smelled the air again and looked at a tree.

“I was sure it was you!” The giant snake said in his ancient mother tongue, a language so ancient no living thing can speak it! Well except the smartest man alive of course, which happened to be in front of him!

“I am sure you knew it was me, but what are you doing here? Wait! What are you doing Now! “

“Wait, I understand now… It happened again, like the first Ragnarok…” 

Jormungandr realized what had happened

 “ But what am I saying? You don’t even know what Ragnarok is… Ohhhh I have to start from the beginning again??!!!” 

“Ha ha, Ragnarok my dear giant friend is long far away from us! Odin is in control… But what are you doing here, Jormungandr?”

“Wait… You know me?”

“Well not in person, I heard prophecies about you and your destiny to fight Thor in Ragnarok!” 

“How do you know about Ragnarok?!!”

“How do I know about Ragnarok? Everyone knows about the twilight of the gods! Especially Odin, who is trying to prevent it… One of the reasons he imprisoned me and tortures me here…”

 Mimir’s mood got sour for a second, but quickly overcame by the excitement and curiosity.

“I heard an enormously loud sound before.. That was you, I assume… How did you come here?”

“I do not know…”

“Hmm, curious…”

“What is going on in this world…” said Jormungandr, having Ratatoskr’s words echoing in his memories from a time long past…

“I’ve been sent back again, like that time Thor hit his hammer on Yggdrasil…” Jormungandr was talking to himself, while Mimir was listening. Mimir wished to continue the conversation, as it was fascinating for him but he got interrupted.

A cold breeze of air came to their faces. Clouds black as the deepest sea, filled the sky and Thunder followed. A storm began and the Thunder God appeared. He landed on the recently destroyed village.

He turned his cold face towards the mountain and saw the giant snake as it was staring back at him. 

Jormungandr saw his nemesis, his blood turned to fire but kept his cool and slowly slithered down towards the lake. The first move was Thor’s to make as he was known for assaulting giants. He grabbed his Hammer Mjollnir. Jormungandr continued to get closer and hissed and attacked!

The battle was fierce and destructive for the lake. Ships were destroyed, sailors drowned, their impact ruined the land, leaving massive damage. Small mountains cracked, the earth was shaking! A destructive event for anyone being near! Soon the battle ended with Thor acknowledging this was a battle he couldn’t win now. He returned to Asgard empty handed… A devastating event for him and his name.

Jormungandr got his victory, but he wasn’t keeping scores. He realized, he came back to a time not his own and this time he couldn’t understand why and how. Only one person could answer him and that person appeared. 

Yggdrasil’s squirrel, Ratatoskr, was standing before the tired World Serpent. He was not going to answer him all his questions, but he wished to bring comfort to his giant friend.

“Yes, you came back to a world and time not your own. Whatever you do can change the events of history while things here are not as you remember. I cannot answer your questions, but I will come back, that is a promise… The fate of Yggdrasil lies on you!”

Without a second to spare he disappeared.

Jormungandr could sense that something was off. What was the squirrel meaning when he said ‘the fate of Yggdrasil?’ At that time he caught a scent that made him feel like home, he got excited for that moment as he turned his attention towards the woods.

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