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Child of Ragnarok Chapter 17, Laufey

Child of Ragnarok Chapter 17, Laufey

Laufey continued to visit me and we had our regular discussions of her world and mine. So, many details, so many different events. But suddenly, one day something changed. She stopped visiting me for a period. This was not unexpected. She used to do it when she had priorities to settle about her mission and all. But what changed is when she returned to visit me! 


“Yes Laufey?”

“Have you ever been in love?”

A question I would never expect to be asked…


“It’s weird… When you have priorities, things on your mind, duties! And suddenly, it feels like all of these come in second for some reason…”

I did not respond. I had no opinion, no knowledge of this matter. So, I let her empty her thoughts.

“I cannot do both things, Jormungandr. My mission, the prophecy… all changed!”

“What? Prophecies change?”

“They adapt…”


“Jormungandr, in Jotunheim… The prophecy of the champion was revealed… Only I was allowed to see it…”

“…” I stood silent

“My son will be our champion. But it is nothing like the previous prophecy. The gods will lose, but we will all lose! Ragnarok will come and will bring destruction to the world! Farbauti will die protecting our son. Loki will survive.”

“Wait! Loki?!”

“Yes, that is how I plan to name my son.”
Ohhh no! What is this? Loki… the name of my father. Laufey  is his mother… What is going on? These are totally different events from the ones I had already experienced. Laufey, she is my family. I have to protect them!

“Laufey, I know what we will do.”

“Please Jormungandr, call me Faye. We have known each other for long enough… What do you mean by “you know what we have to do?”

“There are details you must not know, The fates should not hear…”

“The Fates know everything”

“No! They do not, they know everything that is planned to happen in this timeline and their living creatures. But I am not from this timeline. They cannot predict my actions!”

“What are you planning”

“We will change the prophecy!”

“No, we cannot! It is dangerous… Who knows what could happen.”

“So are you satisfied with the outcome of the prophecy you told me? Is this the ending you wish for?”

I know it is hard for her to accept so many things in this short period… But she has to! I know she wants to make a difference. Everyone would, to save their loved ones.

She was looking pale, panicking and scared… 

“This is not how it should end! I trust you, Jormungandr. Let’s change our destiny!”

“Go home for now to your husband… Meet me tomorrow, there is much to do…”

She returned back into the woods. I had to be sure how my plan would work out. I had to change the prophecy and the future without the Fates knowing it, that is the most difficult to figure…

“You shouldn’t really worry about the Fates Jormie!”

Ratatoskr appeared again out of nowhere, reading my mind.

“You heard our conversation?”

“Not me specifically, one of my aspects did, and informed me… I could provide you with some assistance if you wish.”

“What do you mean by saying I should not worry about the Fates?”

“The Fates of this world are unreachable for anyone. And even if someone manages to meet with them, they will not just reveal the future, but they will provide riddles about the person who asks… I would say changing the future to your desired outcome would be the most difficult part… Believe me, I’ve witnessed a lot of ‘desired’ outcomes ending up as failures.”

“Then my job is easy… I can easily set things in motion.”

“Such confidence, I like that!”

I enjoy the fact that Ratatoskr has more time to visit me. I still remember when he was just an enigmatic and strict creature. He was doing the bidding of the Eagle and the Dragon. But, now. Now he is free, he roams as he pleases. I am happy for him. But how long can this continue? If Hraesvelgr goes back to the top of the tree and Nithhogg returns to her duties, things will go back to normal… 


I had to figure out a way to prevent the prophecy foretold. While I paid attention to the events that were happening near me and the events that Faye told me about. I consulted with Mimir, to abstract from him information about the Aesir and details that Faye did not know. In time I figured it out. The only thing needed to be done was to give the instructions to Faye so she could set things in motion!

The only issue was, she got pregnant… Not an unexpected thing. It was as the prophecy had foreseen. She would bear a son, named Loki. The person that in another timeline, he would have been my father…

In those months, I had done my part in the most things I could do. I schemed a plan to use the Aesir gods without them ever knowing. How did I do that? Well by implanting ideas to Mimir. I know for a fact that Odin himself oversees Mimir’s torment. Odin would speak to Mimir occasionally, mostly to irritate him. He was teasing him to extract any information possible from Mimir. And Mimir would always take the bait, revealing facts and events Odin would use to manipulate anyone… 


Faye gave birth, and shortly after she visited me. She showed me the newborn baby. I laid gently in front of them sniffing the air from above. So nostalgic, so… bitter… He smelled like my father. He was the Loki of this universe after all. 

“Loki…” I whispered

“Well, Farbauti, did not agree with this name… We will call him…”

“No, need… He is Loki to me… This name resembles the Giant within him…”

“Ah, Jormungandr. I couldn’t agree more… I have to protect him. No matter what!”

“I know… And we will! Tell me something… Could you find a way to Jotunheim and ask about a possible child being born as well?”

“What do you mean? Is this part of your plan?”

“Yes… I have to know”

“Then yes, of course I will do it!”

“Thank you, ask about a female giant with the name Angrboda.”

“After that what should we do?”

“Do not rush… We should act carefully. There are Odin’s ravens everywhere… He observes everything…”

“Not everything…”

I looked wondering as she explained a second later.

“Odin cannot understand nor yield Jotun magic. Unfortunately for him, I am an expert. I have casted a spell around my house in the woods, he has neither hearing nor sight of what is going in there. Neither where I go. He can’t see me nor sense me. Well… Maybe at some point he could sense a strong presence, but I doubt he would notice it.”

“Never say never, Faye… Odin is a cruel and cunning Aesir…”

“That I know Jormungandr! Anyway, we are running out of time! We have to act! Change the prophecy!”

“Yes, we will start immediately… Now listen very carefully. Here is what you should do…


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