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Child of Ragnarok Chapter 18, Roughly 10 Years Later

Child of Ragnarok Chapter 18, Roughly 10 Years Later

Faye did everything I asked her to do. We were done and managed to change the prophecy! 

I learned that in this world only the Giants have the visions to see or feel events of the future. Hence the prophecies are all carved in their artistic style. They paint in shrines… There a lot of them hidden all across Midgard, when the Jotun/ Giants used to live here. Before the Aesir hunted them all down. Casting them out of this realm. 

I wish I could see Jotunheim one more time… After I was imprisoned by the Aesir, when they invaded my home…I had never had the chance

I heard from Faye that the gate to Jotunheim has been destroyed for everyone. Only the Jotun who know the specific magic can enter. Shame I had no such ability…

Faye had a vision. A vision that signified our success. The prophecy has changed! The future has been altered! She carved it on a shrine so I could witness the outcome of our doings.

There was something I did not expect… 

“Faye… You are…”

“Yes, Jormungandr… I know”

“But, this is… We cannot!”

“It is my decision. I am fine with it!”

“I am not! You are the only person in my entire life that I could call ‘friend’… I cannot lose you! Not you too!”

“It is fine, Jormungandr. My death would bring all the realms together! If my life has to be the sacrifice for a bright future, then I would be glad for it!”

Everything, every event that we had planned out, required her death… She would die in order for the ‘champion’ to start his own adventure and path. From the start I thought it would be her that the prophecy was talking about… I thought she would be the champion…

The prophecy she saw was telling of another one… That, being her son! Her death would be the beginning of his path discovering the Giants.

“Faye… I am sorry…”

“Don’t be! You saved our destiny! You helped me alter my son’s destiny. Not only that but you made sure that a new better world will come after Ragnarok! For all that, I thank you!”

I did not have the strength to speak until I noticed something more.

“What is this? On the back of the shrine?”

“Oh, that… I wanted to see the future of Farbauti as well.”

“Your husband…”

“Yes. In the past prophecy it showed that he would die. I wanted to be sure that there would be justice for him as well!”

“As I see, there is!”

“Yes… There is…” She wiped the tears that were dropping from her eyes. A long silence followed.

“So, Jormungandr… This will be our last meeting, I have to prepare the lifting of my spells in the forest around my house. Not to mention prepare Farbauti and Loki as well…”

“I understand…”

“One more thing, we should keep this shrine out of sight for everyone!”

“I know, do not worry Faye. I will guard its location with my body! Literally…”

“Ha ha Jormungandr… Thank you. For everything”

“No, I thank you Faye… I… I “

“No need Jormie. I know, this is our last goodbye I guess”. 

She was speaking while still having a smile on her face, I do not understand how she had the strength for it.

“Oh and Jormungandr. Do not forget, you still have a part in all of this remember?” She yelled at me while on her way leaving

“Ha ha, I know Faye… Farewell…”

She returned to her loved ones. Her son and her husband. Her role was done. She did everything that needed to be done in order to change the future. Yet, I still felt empty, sad… Am I doing the right thing? I guess only history will tell.

I decided to wait and sleep under the Lake’s water until the opportune moment arrives.

*1 year Later*

I was sleeping under the water. Both Dreams for the hopeful future and Nightmares of the Past, filled my sleep until I felt a strong power reaching close to me!

At first, I thought it was Thor! My eyes opened with rage and I was prepared for another fight with him! But at my sight I saw Faye’s Ax! She came back to visit me?

I bit the ax and pulled up to the surface! I did not see Faye in the boat on top of me, but instead, a man and a child. That was when I knew. It had been done. 

I returned him the ax, while I imbued to it my venom, Eitr. That way if he was to fight Thor, one blow would be enough to weaken him! He was my enemy after all…

“I know you, husband of Faye!” I spoke to him, but he did not seem to understand me. Neither did the child, although they did not seem threatened by my presence.

I was happy they did not see me as an enemy.

“Find Mimir. He will help” I told them again, hoping they would understand…

They did not but there was still hope for them. I knew they would do it anyway. It is in some way what Faye would have asked them to do. They are headed towards the mountain where Mimir is held imprisoned. After that the rest of the story would unfold, as Laufey had foreseen.


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