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Child of Ragnarok Chapter 19, Farbauti and Loki

Child of Ragnarok Chapter 19, Farbauti and Loki

Ever since they woke me up, I have been watching over them. Observing their every move. They were sailing with a boat around the Lake. Doing everything on their power to reach the peak of the mountain, as Faye had asked of them. It was her plan to make them reach Jotunheim and get Mimir as an ally!

I never expect them to cut off his head though… I saw them somehow reach the mountain. Mimir told them that the place they were looking for was in Jotunheim… Only there is no way to get there. Well, no way that is known to common mortals and gods that is. Mimir knew the way. So he joined their cause.

There was a small issue… Four other Gods were in the area. I had to be careful and support them if Farbauti and Loki require my assistance! I recognize the three of them… Magni and Modi, those brothers stink like their father! And the third being Balder, the one leading them… I remembered him as a wise one in my timeline. I guess in this one some things have changed apparently…

Same for the fourth god… She was no Aesir, but a Vanir. What was she doing in the woods? I have no idea. But even though I knew the Vanir were not as dangerous and bloodthirsty as the Aesir, I had to be kept on guard. 

She managed to help them, Farbauti and Loki. Throughout their journey she never objected to any request as far as I have seen… Maybe she is trustworthy after all…

Time passed for me, so quickly, I never paid attention to the details of what they were doing… Only one thing mattered… They had to reach Jotunheim! That way, as Faye had planned, they would be led into a prophecy and their action would lead to the inevitable war between the Aesir and the Giants. Only this time things would go much different as I had known. That is, if things go as planned. After all most of it, is in Farbauti’s and Loki’s hands and actions…

I was lost in my thoughts and without noticing I fell asleep. Not for long… Someone had blown the horn. It was them! But when I woke up I saw a statue of Thor… I never noticed how long it had been standing there, but I did not care. I went at it and bit it… Swallowed it in my stomach. Better I have a bellyache for some days, than having to witness a honorable statue of this fat thunder god!

Then I approached my summoners…

Mimir did the talking as he is the only one understanding me and able to speak to me.

“I am Mimir!” he said

“I remember you,” I said 

“We are friends of Odin…” he said and I got confused!

“What are you saying!!!”

“eemmm, apologies! I mean they lost a precious part of their family. We wish to travel to Jotunheim.”

“I know precisely the pain of your loss… I will help you,”

then I gave Mimir a second to translate to the others then I continued

“The boy is part of it, he is familiar to me… You need two things, learn the rune of Jotunheim and carve it with a magic chisel, I will make sure you are headed in the right direction…”

“I thank you for your assistance” Mimir replied to me.

With that I gave them a little push towards the direction they should be headed. I told Mimir already what me and Faye had been discussing years ago. They had to visit Jotunheim! And Faye told me the way to do it!


Some time has passed and I heard a thunderstorm and lightning from the direction Farbauti and Loki were. This was concerning… The sons of Thor were on their way, I hope they are alright. Should I intervene and help them? But Faye asked me not to… This is a journey they had to face alone. If I intervened it would ruin the whole plan we have orchestrated.

But something totally unexpected happened. They returned from that place alive and well. I had to check on what had happened. And to my surprise… they defeated and killed one of the sons of Thor! 

I guess Farbauti lives up to the legends I had heard when I was little in my timeline… He was the greatest warrior to ever live! His name means ‘dangerous striker’, it’s not for show apparently. He is dangerous and deadly. I had sensed it since I laid my eyes on him! He may be the one to save the Realms from the cruelty of the Aesir after all!

They made their way towards the ship and the temple, but I saw the other son of Odin, the one called Modi, thrown from the sky from the bifrost… He smelled like trouble… He seeked revenge for his brother that was obvious. This was the Aesir way after all… Battle and war leads to more battles and war… I had to stop him. But once again… Faye’s words echoed in my mind ‘Do not intervene in their travel and troubles! Please, everything must happen exactly as I predicted!’ I trusted her vision more than my impulse to beat a relative of Thor…

But maybe I should have acted after all! Because nothing compared to what was followed. Modi did lose of course once again… But the timeline was about to crack! Loki, my father… or rather what would have been my father in this timeline… Was dying! The sky turned red and anomalies started to appear… I saw Ratatoskr from a distance trying to hold everything together… So nothing falls into chaos!

“What the heck is going on!!!!” he shouted at me 

“Do not worry! Everything will settle back to normal!”

“It better be!” He shouted angrily.

But I was correct. Soon Farbauti returned from the Bifrost Gate with something and rushed towards the woods. Where the Vanir goddess lived. I guess she was the one saving my father… I have to be grateful for her! 


Loki did not appear to be himself though… After the injuries he had recovered from. He was impulsive and ominous looking… 

They did manage to open the gate to Jotunheim! But Balder, riding a dragon, reached them before they managed to enter! There was a fight between them which took place on top of the poor dragon.

They jumped and landed on the Bifrost gate. They activated it… I do not know when they traveled but they did return soon after reeking of death…I guess they were in Helheim … Time in Helheim passes way differently than in Midgard… What could have been hours in Helheim were mere minutes in Midgard.


I had kinda lost track on where they were going and doing… Until they blew the horn once again.

This was unexpected, what could they possibly want from me. I approached them and listened to Mimir speaking

“We need something from the statue of Thor you ate…”

weird request but I did not obliged so I answered 

“I think it is still in my stomach, feel free to enter and find it”

I laid down in the lake waters and opened my mouth. Waiting for them to enter, so they could find what they are looking for.

Which they did soon after. I closed my mouth once they entered and waited… But Balder saw us and attacked me… Trying to get them out… I defended against the immortal god, but he was beating me… This, I do not understand…Maybe I started getting old, because otherwise I could easily beat him! 

I am not giving it much thought… I rose and spit Farbauti and Loki on solid ground… This was their fight not mine. I admit, I got beat by the Aesir god… What is this feeling… I- I fainted and lost my balance…

I do not know how long I was unconscious but when I heard him… When I heard my father’s voice calling me I did not hesitate, did not think of it… Rage and determination hit my veins and attacked the creature that was threatening my family! It was a reanimated Giant, controlled by the Vanir Goddess but I did not care! My father asked for assistance. I have to be there. 

With no hesitation I bit the giant’s head off! But that charge was all I had the strength for… I was dizzy and tired… I regretted not being able to see more of what became of Balder Farbauti and Loki… But I simply could not hold the pain any longer. 

I hid and laid to rest…

I do not know how long I was sleeping but it started snowing… But this particular snow is reminding me of something! It is Fimbulwinter! I am sure of it… Connecting the pieces… I get it… They killed Balder, which must have triggered the Ragnarok event to take place… We were correct. Me and Faye… Everything goes as planned!

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