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Child of Ragnarok: Chapter III, The Council and the Mission

Child of Ragnarok: Chapter III, The Council and the Mission

Odin and the other gods return to Asgard from their mission, with two out of the three Loki’s Children. By the time they left Jotunheim, Jormungandr had grew so large and heavy, that even Sleipnir couldn’t resist his weight! As a result Odin released the snake free into the great sea of Midgard, half road of their journey from Jotunheim back to Asgard.

Mimir worried more than usual, odd thing for such a wise man. He worried that in this timeline they are right now, two giant-snakes exist and they are the same person! One claimed to be from the future and the other that was mend to be born naturally. He asked from Odin permission to visit the snake from the future. Odin ordered Mimir only to get the snake to reveal him of what is yet to come, so he would prepare from everything, even from Ragnarok. Mimir sett off to find the “oldest” Jormungandr. A mission assigned from Odin

The council

While Mimir was gone, Odin had the mission and the duty, to decide what is to become of Loki’s children. The All-father ordered Hel and Fenris-Wolf to step forward, as he was sitting on his throne and all the other gods were besides him.

“First of all, before I reveal my plans and thoughts for these two children, I want to hear if you have any proposition!” said the All-Father to the other gods.

“I think we should imprison them” said Balder, “We do not know if they are as mischievous as their father, Loki”

Freya answered with an aggressive tone to Balder, “Judging someone from their relatives is wrong Balder! They are just children taken from their home. Not to mention that if they grow to be smart as their father, they might be of great assistance for us. Loki surely got us into many problems but he also found solution in much more others!”

Loki at the moment was silent, he didn’t want to express his thoughts and opinion about his children since he wouldn’t be objective, but he gave a quick look of gratitude at Freya.

Then Thor stood up, breathed heavily and revealed his position in this matter. “I personally have no interest on their fate! The only thing I want, is to kill the beast that escaped and had the audacity to look me in the eyes like we are equals! Father, can you allow me this request?”

Odins decision

Odin saw that no one had any interesting enough suggestion for the matter at hand and since he could never disallow Thor from killing a Giant, he stood up from his throne and revealed his final decision.

“Thor, you have my permission to hunt down that snake, but not today, first Mimir shall return from a mission I gave him. When he returns, you may leave…” Thor took the approval of Odin for the mission, but he wasn’t satisfied, because he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He wanted to slay the beast that dared to look him directly in his eyes provokingly.

Odin continued his speech “Now, for the rest of the children, this girl here is Hel”, he pointed his finger torwards the daughter of Loki and everyone gave a good look at her. Some felt disgust from her appearance, some felt curious and Freya felt pity. Hel, was half dead and half alive, after all. Odin continued “She claims that she can see the very presence of the dead! She is admired by the dead because she is the only being in this world that stands on the edge between life and death. While the living, look at her with revulsion, the dead talk to her with respect. I, Odin, the All-father will crown Hel, daughter of Loki, the Ruler of the realm of the Dead. The realm from now on will be called Helheim, the ninth of the nine worlds!”

Hel, then smiled, for the first time after she was taken from her mother. The gods seemed surprised from Odin’s decision, but they understood the logic behind Odin’s thoughts. A living dead is the best possible Ruler for the dead. Only Loki saw behind Odin’s “kind” words, the cruelty hiding in them… He was about to manipulate his daughter into being his puppet to control the dead. Loki hated Odin ever since that…


Odin was going to continue his plans following the other child, but Tyr stepped forward and interrupted him.

“Excuse me for my rudeness to interrupt your speech oh great All-Father, but I want to express my thoughts about the possible future of Fenris-Wolf!”

Odin didn’t seem to mind his interruption, so he allowed Tyr to speak…

“This wolf giant is indeed very terrifying. Even though he is still a cub he grew, in a small period of time, while we were traveling from Jotunheim to Asgard, thrice his size and now he is as big as we are. He has undescribed strength potential, but I do not believe he will grow as a threat of the gods, rather he will be of a great asset if raised properly.

Odin was satisfied from Tyr’s sayings

“Tyr, you speak wisely but who is to take that responsibility and the mission to raise this beast?”

Then the gods muttered with each other for some seconds. No one dared to even get close to Fenris-Wolf, he was terrifying even for the bravest of gods, except Tyr. He seemed very fond of the wolf-giant, he was the only one who fed him until now and the only one who played with him. Tyr raised his voice once again.


Everyone stopped talking and turned their attention to him.

“I, Tyr, the God of War, will take the responsibility to raise Fenris-Wolf”

“Why you?” asked Odin, even he knew already what Tyr’s answer would be. But he asked him so the other gods have no questions, objections and inner thoughts about this matter.

“As the god of war, I am the most capable on teaching Fenris the art of war, to fight only to defend himself as well as to negotiate and even to prevent wars and conflict. Not to use his strength for himself rather for the common good! I am the only on who can take on this mission” Tyr responded confidently.

“So be it,” said Odin, “with that, our meeting is over.”

That was the fate decided for the children of Loki, by the gods of Asgard. Hel traveled to Helheim as it’s ruler and Fenris-Wolf who was nicknamed from Tyr as Fenrir in short, followed Tyr to his great Hall. Tyr was filled with joy to start training Fenrir as soon as possible. Those things happen in Asgard, while Mimir was traveling to Midgard for his own mission.

Mimir’s Mission

Mimir went to see Jormungandr, from the future. He called the snake and the snake roused from the sea with his might. The waves he created then went on rampage and completely destroyed a Village that was located some hundred miles away. The Village had a tragic end with its’ people getting drowned; with no warning or anything at all. Mimir saw that, but he couldn’t do anything. It wasn’t like that the serpent had any intention to create this tragedy for those villagers. Jormungandr’s voice was loud, so loud even small mountains and hills shiver.

“So, Mimir… You came back… How can I be at your service?”

“You did not mention in our first meeting that your father was Loki”

“I didn’t? Oh, It must have slipped my mind. Never the less I am Jormungandr son of Loki and Angrboda!”

“I know, some days ago you were born actually in this timeline you came.”


“Yes, I, Odin, Thor and Tyr went after we heard Loki scream at Jotunheim and saw you newborn.”

“My father… screamed at my birth?”

“He seemed terrified of you, no offence.”

“Hmmm… Interesting… Then, what did you do?”

“Odin decided to take you and your siblings in Asgard, but Jormungandr of this timeline escaped and fell into the great sea of Midgard. That is one of the reasons I came to visit you. To give you information and advise you to keep yourself hidden!”

“Why should I hide…?”

“Because, with your arrival from the future, we ended up having in this timeline two Jormungandr, two of you! This is something unbelievably weird. If you two end up meeting each other I don’t know what might happen to the balance of Yggrassil.”


A “small” interruprion

Suddently a small animal run up at the shoulder of Mimir with such speed he didn’t realize where he came from. He was a squirrel, but no ordinary squirrel. A spiritual squirrel with no certain color fur, it had something like a transparent white color. It was Ratatoskr! The squirrel that climbs the world-tree Yggdrasil and travels between worlds to give messages from the Eagle that stands above the tree, and Nidhogg, the dragon that lays down the roots of It. Ratatoskr is like their messenger. The Eagle and Nidhogg constantly talk to each other via Ratatoskr because there is no other way. Even though the squirrel often tells lies to both of them and takes joy in provoking anger. That was Ratatoskr who went up to Mimirs shoulder.

“Oh, Mimir, do not worry so much their possible meeting will disturb Yggdrasil but not so much that will cause a critical problem. Nidhogg will probably be annoyed but it will be fun!”

“Ratatoskr?” What is ‘tusk the traveler’ doing here?”

“Well, I was going to Nidhogg to give him the Eagle’s words and I thought to stop by, helping you with your speculations. And now that I gave you the answer, your welcome and goodbye!”

As the squirrel was about to leave, since he s always at a hurry. Mimir remembered something.

“Wait!!! I wanted to ask you… Why did you prevent Odin’s Spear from hitting its target?”

Mimir recalled what happened when Odin tried to hit the newborn snake with Gungnir, the spear that never misses. But before Mimir could finish his sentence. Ratatoskr had already left. Mimir irritated and disappointed, since he did not get a response, turned to Jormungandr and advised him none the less.

“Meeting with your self in this timeline will bring great problems, no matter what Ratatoskr said, I strongly believe you should not reveal yourself”

“And how do you suggest I can do that? In my time there where stories and rumours about my length… It is said that I am able to surround all Midgard… And I cannot prove the theories wrong since I never tried it. How can someone my size… simply just hide?” Said Jormungandr troubled.

“People soon enough will spread rumours about Jormungandr of this timeline, if you can keep your face underwater, under the great sea; people will think that partsof your body are the ones of this timeline’s snake. Is this understandable enough?” answered Mimir, trying to explain his thoughts on jormungandr. And he understood Mimirs syllogism and agreed with the plan.

Jormungandr wasn’t seeking any troubles; He is a peaceful monster. Hiding from everyone in this timeline was something he seriously considered also in the past, or rather in the future, of his timeline. Everyone misunderstood his monstrous appearance, Humans were feared by him and connected him to a sign of death, gods too were terrified of him, all except Thor of course who wanted to kill him only because he would present it as an achievement. Even most of the giants, his own kind, were keeping their distance from him. When he was trying to talk to them, no one understood his sayings because he speaks a very ancient tongue even for the giants. The only ones who were close to him, were his siblings, his mother and some handful other giants. 

Mimir is known for speaking all the tongues ever spoken. So, he was able to communicate with the Big snake.


Mimir wanted to continue the conversation after concluding what should be done about, the main issue they had with the existence of two Jormungandr in the same timeline. Because his mission was to acquire knowledge as well.

“I almost forgot one of the main reasons I came to visit you Jormungandr…” Said Mimir “Could you tell me, your story?”

Jormungandr seemed curious about Mimirs request.

“What do you… mean?

“I, Mimir, as the all-knowing and smartest man alive never heard of your story. It’s something that really intrigues me, to know you and the future world you came from and this Ragnarok you spoke about in our first meeting.” He made a short pause on his speech. “I am someone who knows every event, every person of the past and present. I want to learn about the future as well!”

Jormungandr’s expression did not show any kind of emotion, but he was happy. I was the first time since he came in this World that someone seemed to care about his opinion and life. “I will gladly narrate you my story… So, Let us begin with…

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