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Child of Ragnarok: Chapter V, Key Events lead to Twilight

Child of Ragnarok: Chapter V, Key Events lead to Twilight

The Child of Ragnarok Chapter 5, Events lead to Twilight

As Jormungandr was narrating his story, Mimir was, not only hearing him fully focused, but also wrote down notes of events that seemed to him extremely important for the future of this timeline they are in.

He didn’t want to interrupt The Giant Snake, but there was something he desperately needed to ask. So, he did…

“Excuse me for my interruption, but I want to know one thing before you continue. “

Jormungandr at first, didn’t even pay attention on him, mainly because he was fully devoted and concentrated to his story that it was like, he was living the events once again. So, he was about to continue talking about the events with Ratatoskr, but seconds later realized what Mimir requested him. He turned down his look to him and nodded to him as he was ok with his desire.

And so Mimir put down his notes and remarked to Jormungandr what was on his mind…

“Your story is truly remarkable, but in all those events you mentioned, you never referred myself from your world. What was Mimir of your timeline doing, where was he?” asked Mimir fully wondered.

Jormungandr inhaled a big breath as he was going to announce something like Mimir wouldn’t be fond of hearing.

“In Jotunheim, you were staying in your home… or rather, you were placed there…”

“What?! I just stood home? What do you mean? With all those events I surely would want to see what was happening!” Expressed Mimir!

“You desperately wanted to see those events even though you predicted them… But you couldn’t” Said Jormungandr like he wanted to avoid telling something more. Mimir understood that, by the tone of Jormungandrs voice, so angrily forced him to talk. Jormungandr realized he had to tell it so he did.

What happened to Mimir

“You were just a head! You were decapitated by the Vanir Gods! Long before my birth. My mother told me stories about you and your house, which was the fountain of knowledge.”

Mimir shocked of the reveal…

“I… I was … decapitated?” said Mimir after making an uncomfortable pause on his speech. “Do you happen to know why, maybe?

“Yes” answered Jormungandr and started to explain Mimir what happened to him…

“When the Aesir and the Vanir Gods agreed to end their war, thanks to your successful negotiations, they agreed to exchange warriors and chiefs as a sign to prove their trust to each other. The new chief of the Vanir had been decided to be Hoenir and you were chosen by Odin to be an adviser to Hoenir. Long story short, when you were there to Vanaheim to advise Hoenir, he was making good and wise decisions. But, when you were not with him, Hoenir seemed unable to come to a decision. And the Vanir soon were tired of this.

They took their revenge, not on Hoenir but on you Mimir; They cut off your head and send it to Odin. Odin was not angry. He rubbed your head with certain herbs to prevent it from rotting, and he chanted charms and incantations over it, for he did not wish your knowledge to be lost. Soon enough you opened your eyes and could talk and advise, as you always did. Odin took your head to your home besides his eye, in the waters of knowledge.

Events lead to a conclusion theory

Mimir seemed shocked and a bit of terrified, as he took some steps back, like he could not handle what he heard. Then he sat down on a rock.

Jormungandr gave him some minutes to realize and to accept what he had heard. After a while, Mimirs thoughts and theories inside his intelligent head end up in something really odd. So, he spoke to Jormungandr about it, as only he could listen it anyways.

“I think that only your arrival here, to the past, in this timeline, has brought changes… Not only the events of your birth are different, but also the way you got taken away from Jotunheim, not to mention your story about me! I took a decisive role for the end of the Aesir and Vanir war, that is true. But I never was in charge of advising Hoenir.

I may get decapitated, if this is my destiny, but maybe not by the events you described. With your experience (in the future for us us), you know the outcomes of some things but because you arrived here in the past, the way that those things, you said, may happen in some other way. But I am pretty sure our fate doesn’t rewrite itself; I am pretty sure my future is to be decapitated…” Said Mimir

“This is… very interesting… Please, continue; I want to know about your first encounter with Ratatoskr and also do not forget to explain to me the event you called Ragnarok!”

“Do not worry, I will tell you also about Ragnarok…

So, Let’s continue from where I was left, with Ratatoskr…

Ratatoskrs visit

He came right in front of my eye, So I could see him. He was very tiny compared to me of course. ‘You sure are big’ he said ‘I think you are even more terrifying than Nidhogg’ I didn’t knew if this was supposed to be a compliment or not. Nidhogg was the dragon that was below the tree of Worlds, Yggdrasil. So, I just answered to him with only a ‘Thank You’.

He laughed for some reason. ‘I came here because Nidhogg himself is really in fond of you and didn’t want you to be miserable like a little worm he in the oceans, those are my comment by the way.’ He took his time giggling with his comment and then he offered me something I could not believe… ‘So, I am here to answer you three questions about anything’

I knew Ratatoskr was the only creature that could talk between the Eagle and Nidhogg, the only being that existed even before anything, so if there is someone who knows what is going on in the world of the living is the Eagle and in the world of the dead would be Nidhogg according to some old giant myths… So, I took the opportunity to take information about my siblings.

‘What happened to Hel?’ was my first question.

‘Hel, earned the position as the ruler of the realm of the dead, which is now being called Helheim, after her. She is the only queen, ruler there until the end of the gods…”

“What end of the gods?

“Nidhogg calls it Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods. The last war between giants and gods that would mean the end of their dominion, don’t you worry about it, you will live seeing it. Now your last question?

The last question

Without realizing it I used my second question out of curiosity, of Ratatoskrs sayings, he tricked me. He tricked me, so I could not have taken a clear answer. I could ask him more about Ragnarok, because he clearly knew something, but I wanted to know what has become of my brother Fenrir, so I asked him that. With a smile on his tiny furry face Ratatoskr answered me:

“Well, this will take some time…

Might brings fear…

Your Brother was brought to Asgard and was taken good care by Tyr. I make you sure, Tyr was treating him like his own child. But Odin saw a dream of Fenrirs teeth, so he believed him as a threat of the gods in the future to come. So, he demanded to bind Fenrir, in secret. The gods crafted heavy chains and shackles in their forges and they told Tyr to bring Fenrir in their meeting hall.

They represented the chains to Fenrir like it was a way to test his strength. Fenrir was proud of his power, so he accepted the challenge. He broke the chains with ease. The gods brought new heavier chains than before, asking Fenrir if he could break through them if he was bound by them. And so, Fenrir broke every chain again and again. Tyr was happy for him and cheered for him, because he was the only god who did not knew the true intention of the other gods.

Odin then desperate, asked the dwarfs, the master builders, who can build anything, if they could craft a chain that could bind Fenrir. The dwarfs could craft a chain called Gleipnir, a ribbon that could be crafted by six things: Footsteps of a cat, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the sinew of a bear, the breath of a fish and lastly the spittle of a bird. With these things they made Gleipnir. Gleipnir looked like a silken ribbon, smooth and soft to the touch.

Rage brings motivation

When Fenrir was called once again to be tested, he sensed trickery into this, and demanded Odin that if he was to be tested by this Ribbon, a god should place his hand into his mouth so if gods imprison him with magic, he would bite off the hand. He represented this as a guarantee to have so they would release him. No god dared even to think doing this. Only Tyr, who was sure that Odin wouldn’t trick Fenrir and his challenge was true.

So, it happens. In the end Fenrir couldn’t escape from his binding and gods only laughed at him. Fenrir looked at Tyr, with a betrayed face… Tyr looked at Fenrir giving a sign with his head, saying while whispering “Do it…”.

Tyr lost his hand. Skoll and Hati, oh I forgot to mention them, they were Fernirs children. Yeah, Skoll and Hati tried to defend their father but Odin put a spell on them and they meaninglessly now chase at the Sun and Moon. Fenrir promised revenge on Odin while he, bound, was taken away deep at a mountain as his prison. For all eternity…”

With that, Ratatoskr finished his explaining and answered me the three questions and left with no other word.

With the answers I got, I found my will of living again. I decided… I would help Fenrir take his revenge, I would help my brother and start this Ragnarok, that Ratatoskr said to me. And I would persuade somehow Hel, to bring the dead she ruled to fight by our side in this battle against the gods! Their dominion should come to an end, they brought enough misery to us! It was payback time!


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