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Child of Ragnarok Ending Author’s Notice

Child of Ragnarok Ending Author’s Notice

The story took place in three timelines. First Jormungandr lived his life and suffered the cruel loneliness. In Ragnarok, in his battle against Thor, he ended up traveling back in time, causing him to experience a weird situation. Mimir was sent by the Aesir to investigate him. Jormungandr narrated to Mimir his whole experience in the first timeline. 

While he got to relive the events with some twist and differences, since every timeline differs from every other. Ratatoskr grew fond of Jormungandr and started to visit him more regularly. The mask of creation made things complicated in the second timeline, with Ratatoskr having to step up and intervene, with Jormungandr assisting him! Once the second timelines Ragnarok happened… Everyone lost. With some gods having the opportunity to rebuild, Jormungandr made his appearance and ended the last surviving gods once and for all. Destiny had it that he would be the ruler and creator of the new world that would rise after the Ragnarok, but the Rulers of Yggdrasil had other plans.

Hraesvelgr is the Eagle that stands above the Yggdrasil tree. Nithhogg is the Dragon that lays below the roots of the Tree.

Those two decide the destiny and the outcome of the timelines. We learned from Ratatoskr that they have already done countless other redos in Ragnaroks. 

A decision was made and Ratatoskr was ordered to cause another time-paradox event and send Jormungandr back in time again! In a timeline that would appear to be much, much different.

In the third timeline we got introduced to Farbauti. The father of Loki! He never appeared in the myths, we had only references of his existence. Farbauti’s name translates to “Anger Striker” or “Dangerous Striker” or “Sudden Striker”. He is the most dangerous warrior! His presence got Loki to experience fatherhood and become a totally different person from the one we know in myths and we got witnessed in the other timelines.

There was an important twist in Jormungandr’s third timeline! Nithhogg gave birth to her offsprings’, the Lindworms. And there was no one to control the numbers of the dead in check in Helheim. Hraesvelgr was forced to take that position. Something that trapped her in that Realm.

Once Jormungandr got sent on his third timeline, he already had lost any interest and will to try and live. But he met another Giant! A Giantess named Laufey or Faye! She was the last guardian of the Jotnar/Jotun. She convinced him that it was worth fighting for and made him regain his hope!

Together, Faye and Jormungandr found a way to trick the Fates and create a prophecy that was kept secret. Their actions and interventions caused Faye to catch a terrible fever that ended in her death.

Laufey’s/ Faye’s dying wish urged Farbauti and their son, Loki, to begin their adventure. With the help and guidance of Mimir and in times of need, of Jormungandr as well, their adventure triggered the Ragnarok! Not only that, but Farbauti actually killed Nithhogg!

Loki with Jotun sorcery, he created the Jormungandr of that timeline! In Ragnarok the youngest Jormungandr fought Thor, while the oldest and our protagonist stayed in Midgard, being too old to act…

In Ragnarok, Thor sent back in time the youngest Jormungandr, causing the effects of the past and present to end up in a perfect circle. With no anomalies and time-paradoxes, the Yggdrasil tree created a perfect loop.

Ratatoskr, having peace in mind and Nithhogg and Hraesvelgr gone from the rulership of the world tree, he was the one in charge from now on. He would raise the Lindworms in kind beings that would respect the Yggdrasil life. 

Jormungandr had lived for unimaginably too long. He witnessed three timelines from the start to finish. Sorrow, despair and loneliness were attributes he lived with for way too long. Time heals all wounds…He grew old and found peace inside. He valued the friendships he developed with Faye and Ratatoskr and left the hate behind. 

For those who have played the God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarok. You could imagine the last timeline similar to the events that happened in those games.

For those who haven’t played the video-games, why haven’t you? I am kidding of course. Imagine the last timeline as events that Farbauti and Loki were mostly in the spotlight. But from the eyes of our protagonist, Jormungandr, he never witnessed most of those events of Farbauti and Loki. He helped Faye alter the events and those ended up to our ending.

I hope you enjoyed the story! I really thank you for reading it and actually reaching so far, reading my Aythor’s Notice! You are a legend and I appreciate you!

You can always find me and my friends in our Blog: or in our social media, or speak with us in discord!

Again, thank you very very much and I hope you have a lovely day! 

Until our next story 

Christos Iliadis 

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