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"I can’t wait to share my passion for storytelling with each and every one of you!"

Allow me to introduce myself:


I am the founder of this Blog and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the aspects of stories, in books, movies, games and much more.


Over the years I was fascinated with a good story, adventures that drives us to the unimaginable and fantasy tales that tells us a lot about the world.

What led me to create this Blog


Me and my friends have been watching and discussing tons of stories, sometimes we created scenarios for alternative endings, more side-stories and possible continuations and theories. In our everyday life we were talking about stories to the point that I thought why not share our lovely friendship with the world?
I wish to create a community that shares our ideals and passion for a good story.

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Personal Motives

I love writing. I have two books for now on the Blog, ‘Child of Ragnarok’ and ‘Zepar’. With both of them I wish to practice my skills in storytelling, world building, character development and so much more. My outer goal is to write a story that represents my ideal plot and story. Like my favorite trilogy of all time, The Lord of The Rings.

Speaking of favorite stories, let me reveal you some more of them below 

CHRIS's Projects:

Favorite Movies:

LoTR Trilogy

As said before favorite movie, trilogy is the Lord of the Rings, 3 movies that I never am bored to watch again and again yearly. Truly a masterpiece.

The Batman

Another favorite movie of mine would be The Batman. I am a DC fan, and of course we have our inside battle Marvel Vs DC with Spyros who supports Marvel. Back to the Batman of Robert Pattinson, I think it was the best Batman movie, mostly because it was focused on the main character with a mystery and batman as the greatest detective trying to solve it. The Dark Knight was a great batman movie, only just I believe the movie was mostly the Joker masterful performance rather a batman movie instead

Kimi no Na Wa

Lastly another favorite movie I have not to leave out is “Your Name”/ “Kimi no Na wa” a great romance anime movie with wonderful animation and an emotional plot. I cannot stop rewatching it at least once every year.

Favorite ANIME

I watch a lot of Anime, George himself led me to watch them back when we were at High School andI completely got addicted to this storytelling style. As for favorite anime this would be very hard for me to choose. Ideally my top3 are:


the first long anime I ever watched, with a great plot, bunch of well-developed characters and much twists


Overlord, an Anime that its very concepts intrigued me the most out of everything, with a protagonist that is in fact the main villain of the world, without him even realizing it

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Last but not least, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, in my opinion the best anime ever created with 64 episodes and a well-rounded ending!

Favorite BOOKS


First being the first book that I ever read, for nostalgic reason is EON! A 2-book with dragons, interesting protagonist and a fascinating plot!

Percy Jackson

Next, I have the Percy Jackson book series, a story that mixes up the modern world with the ancient mythology. Ancient Greek Mythology is something I am a huge fan of!


I would put the Novel series of Overlord. The anime series is great but the Novel is a something else! The story is even more dark with many disturbing details, that actually make the story even more fascinating and evil at the same time!

Favorite Video-Games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A video Game that I played after a recommendation of all of my friends, Zah, Spyros and George. It was probably my first ever RPG Game that I ever played. The interactions you have with the world are extraordinary, fascinating characters, plot-twists, tons of side-quests and stories inside a huge world! The fact that depending on your decisions you can get a different ending is why I am constantly replaying it again!

Devil May Cry

A five game series until now. Devil May Cry is the oldest out of my top3 games. I started playing it back when the DMC4 got released. And long after when the DMC 5 went out I took the chance on replaying the whole series again. The Journey of Dante is truly a great story that found me a fan of with both the plot but its concept! 

God of War

God of War back when the story of Kratos was taking place in the Ancient Greek World was a Video Game all of us were playing. We are huge mythology fans! When the new game came out, I was took the chance of playing and found a completly different Journey in comparison to the old games. The slow paced game with exploration and character building was probably what this game needed and what Kratos deserved

Favorite Characters

Minato Namikaze

from Naruto. I absolutely admired his character; always smiling and a loving Hokage and father. The episodes he was introduced gave him a little mystery and awe about his abilities and strengths. The 3 episodes where it was shown the backstory of him meeting Kushina were emotional and I actually shed a tear watching those episodes.

Geralt of Rivia

from the game adaptation Witcher. The fact that made me love this character was because of the masterful RPG system from the game. His character was developed by the decisions I had to make during the story, that made feel like I was acting as Geralt and could see the outcome of those decisions. Not only that but his backstory is well-written from the books and it is shown to the game from the characters interactions during quests and conversations


from Devil May Cry, a truly great well-developed character. You can see his growth in each game from the first game until the 5th. A character that cares about his family his brother, and the utter importance of what is right and good. Even though he is part demon he embraces his human part, but with accepting his demon half as well. Not to mention his interactions are always funny and brings an enjoy-full mood.

Something more from


Chris Manga character with Hoodie, ChriStories Blog

Books, Games, Anime, Movies so much for us to explore and discuss! I hope you will follow me on this Journey of story-telling!

The Blog is not just about me. Its about you and us! Together we can grow a wonderful community to share our thoughts, opinions and hype for our favorite stories, movies, games, anime, series, books and much more!

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