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Posts where we inform you about current situations, our thoughts for various things, the plans for the future etc

Youtube Update

I am happy to inform you guys that I am currently working on some Youtube…

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News: Manga Update

Hello friends! Chris here, discussing our Manga plans for the future. This is the first…

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A Place where we get more ‘personal’

Twitter is where we reveal our thoughts and plans for our stories, analisys, manga. Also we are active to creators and the content we admire and support. Enjoy the community and take part in our goofy tweets 😛 and help us create the story you find most enjoyable!

Be sure to check who does the tweet by the signature -C or -S 😉

Chris & Spyros



A place where we are more ‘spontaneous’

Instagram is where we will try to keep you up close to our ‘creations’ and stories, where you can get behind the scenes and get some ‘sneak peaks’ through the prossess of our story writting and designs.

Spyros & Chris


Yes! We are on Youtube as well, though its still work in progress…


A Place where we ‘troll’ mostly the other social media. XD

Facebook -The Forgotten-

Facebook is the Place were we are going to have fun and relax. We can look the posts of our other social media and make fun of them! Things our characters did wrong in our stories are going to get critisized and a place were our authors can judge each other

PS It was Chris’s Idea…

Chris & Spyros

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