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Death to the Aesir, Chapter VII, The Child of Ragnarok

Death to the Aesir, Chapter VII, The Child of Ragnarok

In order to contact the dead, I had to find someone who possessed knowledge of black magic or necromancy. People like that are rare to find, not only that but most definitely would refuse to assist me, since I am a symbol of terror and death in all Midgard. But my mind came up with someone who could help!

I remember hearing stories from Midgard folk, about a wise woman at the end of the world. Beyond it, to the east, rumored to be the realm of the dead, ruled over by Hel. It is said that this woman could give answer to anything to anyone as long as they would be able to reach her since she lives in a place unreachable for most.

 So, I traveled east and stopped when I reached the place which was supposed to be her home. But what I found was a grave, her grave.

 I stood staring at it for some seconds and called at her! I wasn’t expecting a response, but a storm reeking of wicked magic began with its wind whipping my face. When the wind died a green fire started on top of the grave with her shadow reflection of her face in it.

“It was a difficult journey, coming back from the land of death” she told me “I’ve been buried here for such a long time. Rain and snow have fallen on me. What do they call you, my summoner?”

I stood up and answered “For some I am the World Serpent, for my enemies I am Thor’s Bane, and for the few that get to meet me I am Jormungandr. I want you to deliver a message to your Queen, the Ruler of the dead, my sister Hel!”

The Child of Ragnarok

I got no response for some seconds. So, I tried to repeat my sayings, but the woman’s voice interrupted me

“Jormie?! It has been so long!”

I remembered this voice! It was my mother’s voice! The wise woman’s grave was actually Angrbodas grave. My mother! I talked to her of all my experiences on Midgard, all this pain I had, the loneliness… She comforted me as much as she could. We hadn’t much time, so I tried to explain the situation considering my father’s torture, my brother’s imprisonment, as well as my nieces curse! Our family has been wronged by the Gods, for far too long, we had to do something! She agreed, she said she would discuss it with Hel, to unleash the dead against the gods and the whole world, starting Ragnarok, the end of gods! An alliance must be made between the Dead, the frost Giants and the Giant Sutr ruler of Muspelheim, the giant with the flaming sword. Not an easy task. But a plan was made, and we made a start.

It was the first time seeing my mother after I had been taken away from home by the Aesir gods. She smiled at me ‘Oh, my sweet child. What have you been through… Don’t you worry now. Thanks to you we will end the gods together. You are the Child who started Ragnarok! Who will bring death to the Aesir!

Our time was up. We said our farewells as she was fading away from the shadow and returning back to Helheim. We would see each other in Ragnarok.

How it started

Mimir, you might be wondering to know how exactly Ragnarok started. To be honest no one really understood how it happened. The thing that I remember was that there had been Winters, Winter following winter. There was no Spring, no warmth. There was cold and the people were constantly angry, battling and proclaiming wars to each other, all across the world. This everlasting winter took the name Fimbulwinter. Then cruel wind came and twilight to the world. Places where humans lived fell into ruins, crushed down and crumbled into ash and devastation. People lived like animals.

And then it happened; Skoll reached the Sun, Hati reached the Moon and so, the light disappeared! Darkness filled the air, like ashes, like mist. Then great earthquakes came. The mountains shake and crumbled. The earthquakes were so great that all bonds and shackles and fetters got destroyed

That was how my brother Fenris Wolf freed himself. Oh, he was fierce! He howled proclaiming war and death! His upper jaw reached the heavens, the lower jaw touched the earth. There was nothing he couldn’t eat, nothing he couldn’t destroy! Flames came from his eyes and nostrils.

 I rose to join my brothers rage and meet him after so long, spilled my venom into the sea, poisoning all sea life. Splattered my black poison into the air in a fine spray killing everyone of our enemies that breath it! We were glorious! All those who saw us, ‘Fenrir Wolf and Midgard Serpent’, Loki’s children, knew death!

The sons of Muspell rode down from the heavens, led by Sutr, the fire giant, holding high his sword. They rode across the rainbow bridge, across Bifrost, and as they passed, the rainbows once bright colors became shades of charcoal and ash. They burned the rainbow!

Into the Battlefield

My father also escaped his bonds beneath the earth. He was tasked to be the helmsman of the ship called Naglfar. The captain of the ship was Hrym, the leader of the frost giants. The surviving frost giants followed Hrym in the final battle. My father commanded Hel’s legions of the dead.

We all traveled to the battle field called Vigrid.

I and my brother Fenrir

Sutr and the flame giants of Muspelheim

Hrym and the frost giants

My Father, Loki with my sister Hel at his side, and the dead of Helheim warriors


Odin and the Aesir gods with the Einherjar, all the warriors who died ‘good deaths’ in battle rode and arrived to Vigrid, the final battlefield.

Thor was besides Odin. And so, the final battle of Ragnarok began, with Odin charging straight for Fenrir.

I still remember that look Fenrir was having with flaming eyes full of rage and lust for revenge. Odin fought bravely I must admit, but my brother was more vast and far more dangerous than anything could possibly be. He broke his spear with his jaws and bite and crushed and swallowed Odin! That was the death of the All-father

The end of a tale

At that moment I was battling Thor, I also, like my brother, had to finish my personal business with him. Our battle was legendary with storms, wind and thunder in the sky. He tried many times to hit me with his hammer again and again. I, as well tried to reach him with my venom. It was then when he found the opportunity, he lifted his hammer and struck a definitely deadly blow but he missed or rather I dodged.

The impact that his hammer made was trembling at that moment. Before I could notice I found myself getting sucked in a hole, no one knew where it came from. I could also let this chance go, so I ignored the strange event and focused on my opponent, emptying my venom over the person I must hate. As I was forcefully sacked at that hole, I saw Thor grunt in pain and then lifeless fall on to the ground and his death …

That was when I transported here. In this timeline before anything happened. And some days later you visited me and of course, you now the rest of the story. Here we are.”

Mimir stared as Jormungandr finished his so-far life-story absolute focus. His eyes were so wide open, one could say they were one step away to fall off from his eye sockets.

At the beginning of the story Mimir was confused, then things got interesting of the future events that he was introduced, but in the last part of the story his look spoiled the terror he was feeling.

“That was… unexpected…” He said as his legs betrayed him, forcing him to sit and get himself together.

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