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Eon Dragoneye reborn, Analysing the first book I ever read!

Eon Dragoneye reborn, Analysing the first book I ever read!

Eon is a Book, also known as ” The Two Pearls of Wisdom” by Alison Goodman, is not the typical fantasy about dragons, but inspired by the Chinese myhtology it delivers a plot interesting enough for everyone to read!

Personal Experience

I remember as a young boy, my mother always told me “Read Books, don’t be always on these electronics!”

In order to be better in language you have to read. I was around 12 years old. Just finished primary school and it was summer vacation. I was anxious about high school, because I was not very good in orthography/spelling. So, my mother insisted I had to start reading books. The old-school method.

I preferred of course my Nintendo and under the air-conditioning playing Pokémon on the couch or bed. One day she took me or she convinced me, I don’t quite remember how it happened to be honest, and we visited the local library. It wasn’t something extraordinary or very large, rather a simple building having its respectful variety of books.

She recommended me many books, rich of grammar and vocabulary ‘to get better’ she said. My eyes though git caught up on other Book Cover. The book had a Serpents Eye and claws holding something. I got intrigued and insisted that id I am to read a book it better has high fantasy and dragons! That became my first priority. So, I convinced her to rent this book! As she sighed ‘better this than nothing’

The next day I opened it and started reading. I wasn’t really prepared or familiar with reading a fantasy book, or the concept so I was constantly confused. I remember that I read the first Chapter 3 times before I would get focused on it! XDD

But once I got the hold of it, I just couldn’t stop reading it!

Eon Story Analysis

– About

So, the story goes like this:

Eon appears to be a twelve-year old boy, who studies and trains very hard on the ancient art of Dragon Magic, hoping he would be able to apprentice one of the twelve energy dragons. But he also has a dark secret…

He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who against the law, that forbids females to practice Dragon Magic, she is risking her life for a chance to become a Dragon Eye, the human link to an energy dragon’s power.

Eon :Dragoneye Reborn ChriStories Story Analysis

World Building Presentation

Without getting into specific details, I will introduce to you what the Prologue and the first chapter present, without spoilers for the chapters ahead.

It is clear that Alison Goodman, the books author, contained into the world lore characteristics of the Chinese zodiac.

According to the Chinese culture, the Chinese zodiac (or Shengxiao) is represented by 12 Zodiac animals. In a clockwise order they are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

How it works? The Chinese zodiac years begin and end at the Chinese New Year (between January-February). Each year in the repeating zodiac circle of 12 years is represented by a zodiac animal, each with its own reputed attributes.

What does that mean? For example, 2022 is the year of the Tiger so whoever is born this year will have the zodiac sign of this animal, with each respected attributes and characteristics. 2023 will be the next animal in order, which would be the Rabbit… and so on.

Eon book 1 Story Analysis in

The 12 zodiacs adapted into Eon world

On Eon, there are 12energy dragons with the name and similar attributes to the ones like the Chinese culture. (I know what you are thinking, what about the Chinese zodiac sign of the dragon? So, the dragon of the dragon zodiac sign is presented as the Dragon of Dragons or the “Mirror Dragon”)

Dragoneye is the term of the ones that struck deal with the 12 dragons. The dragons rule the spiritual energy that runs into everything. Every dragon is also the guardian of one of the 12 horizon points and supreme virtues. The book has a list of the details of every dragon to its first page!

At the beginning of each tear the rule of the dominant dragon starts. And the power of that dragon gets increased. This relates to a ritual in which, the upcoming dominant dragon chooses a new apprentice to be taught in dragon magic. While the previous apprentice would take the place as a head of the Dragoneye council. Basically, the chosen student gets linked with the dragon for 24 years: 12 s an apprentice and another 12 as a Dragoneye.

Only the boys that have the ability to see at least one dragon have the right to become possible candidates for the ritual. Every year 12 boys, 12 years of age present themselves to the upcoming dragon. And the dragon makes his decision and bonds with the candidate, the only time he appears to all appears in all its majesty.

Women are not allowed and have no place to the Kingdom of dragons since they do not posses the physical attributes nor the insights to communicate with a dragon. It is said that women have only eyes for their mirror selves and cannot see the truth of the spiritual world.

Eon chapter 1

Our protagonist is none other that Eon; a candidate for the upcoming dominants dragon ritual. From the described events we can easily tell the obvious. Eon is a girl and not a boy. After a hard, difficult training, days before the ritual, Eon realizes that (s)he is not in the best physical condition to perform certain moves.  Her master was the previous Dragoneye of the Tiger, a respectable lord, who risked a lot so that Eon might have a chance at the ritual.

For Eon, becoming a dragon’s apprentice is the solution to make up her life and gain respect and wealth. Even though she lacks in almost all levels from her candidates, she has one more secret… She can see all the dragons by only focusing enough and turning to the dragon’s direction. All except the dragon of dragons the Mirror. Who is extinct for 500 years, no one knows the truth of why and how, apart from rumors.


Without getting into more details, since we are going to spoil the whole book if we continue; I would totally recommend it, since it is pretty easy and enjoyable to read. With a fascinating world waiting for you to explore! If you enjoy fantasy worlds, dragons, epic plot-twists and fights; this book would entertain you with its unique story and plot

And of course do not forget the story continues in the second book😉

You can find many readers reviews and impressions as well on other platforms such as Goodreads

Some last words

I wanted to say that this book holds a special place in my mind and heart. Being the first ever, which introduced me to the world of books. It inspired me in the fantasy world-building, and perhaps was the reason, that I later grabbed a pen and started writing, creating a world, brainstorming my ideas, my characters, my twists and so on… I hope one day my original work, Zepar and Child of Ragnarok get someone inspired, as Eon inspired me!

P.S Thank you Alisson Goodman for writing this one!

P.P.S. Thanks Mom for insisting on buying a book😝

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