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About George

Hello, everyone my name is George, and I am a participant in this blog as well!


What I enjoy

I love watching shows and playing games. It is my favourite way to pass the time and relax.
I have watched a ton of anime and I cannot wait to give you recommendations on what to watch. There are a ton of them out there both new and old for all your favourite genres.

Some of the anime I have watched include Sword art Online, One piece, Naruto, Bleach, One piece. I have watched from berserk to How-to pick-up girls in a Dungeon. I watch all genres equally and try to find the next best hidden gem.

I enjoy a good story and well-developed characters with depth and emotions. I like diving deep into a character and explain a reasoning behind a choice or ending. I quickly got into storytelling and writing myself as well.

My Awesome Headline

The Uniqueness of Games

As for games a few of my favourite franchises include the Metro games and Tomb Raider games. The world-building and atmosphere they give is something unique and different. These games are not the only ones every game is unique and has something to offer. Finding that out is like a little treasure that is hidden and waits for you to find it. It`s all about the next story the next world and the thrill of finding something new and exciting that has to offer you a feeling or something that another anime couldn’t.

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The Importance of Books

I am a firm believer that reading a book based on your favourite game or visiting the manga of your favourite show gives more depth to what you just watched. You can find little things that were missed or read and discover more about the anime you watched in case it doesn’t have another season or if you cannot get enough of the show you watched.

Do not Forget

"I will leave you with this and for the time being stay sexy, stay classy and remember read the Manga."


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