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<strong>Interesting things you need to know about The Wheel of Time</strong>

Interesting things you need to know about The Wheel of Time

Before we begin

Some personal thoughts about the Wheel of Time. I was always a fan of epic and Power Metal. The way they can narrate a story into a Song is marvelous and just joy to hear. One of my favourite bands are the Blind Guardians, one of the “big four” of the Epic Metal. Alboums inspired by the fiction and fantasy authors and epic songs that I never get bored to hear… Such as the Wheel of Time. This was my first experience with its narrative! A 9 minutes Power Metal Song which introduced me to the story. After hearing it I got interested in it and decided to purchase the books and of course to watch its first season on Amazon Prime as soon as it got released!

You can check out the Song Wheel of Time from the Blind Guardians, if you are into this kind of Music as well!

This Story Analysis is NOT a review, rather some quick thoughts and some interesting things to know about it.

Let’s begin the Story Analysis

There is a matriarchy, a lot of magic, and some fantastic characters that you can count on. Based on 14 novels and one prequel by the late Robert Jordan, Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time can be called an answer to the fantastic Game of Thrones series. Most people say this series stands apart from the other ok Amazon because it focuses on young people. The journey that they take for the sake of independence is by looking for a mysterious Dragon Reborn. They must navigate through the murky waters of envy and sorcery and other hardships they will face.

This series captures the fantastic phase of women’s empowerment, where one can witness a powerful women’s organization gifted with magic. Apart from them, there are a few young lads who have some magical powers and belong to a small tribe. They undertake the journey with the star cast of Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike, who is the head of this pack and believes that one of these young can be the reincarnation of a powerful individual known as the Dragon prophesied to either destroy the World or save it. So, she takes them with her across the World, waging battles, meeting strange enemies, and forming powerful alliances.

If you have watched the series or read the novel, you must have seen some fantastic things happening. I have tried to point out a few exciting things you would like to know before or after watching The Wheel of Time.

What is the Wheel?

Throughout the whole series, you will hear the statement “wheel of time,” which might confuse you about what it is. It is an indispensable mythological concept whose meaning is simple, as suggested by the title-a wheel that turns through time. There are seven spokes on the Wheel that represent seven different ages. There are a few things that you need to remember about the Wheel. Firstly, whatever happens in the series is because the Wheel wills it as it weaves the Pattern of every Age. Secondly, the Wheel turns towards the energy of True Source or One Power.

The exciting thing about One Power

Throughout the season, you must have seen women and men called Channellers. They could wield the magic of this World. These Channellers were made of two complementary yet opposing halves. The one wielded by women was known as saidar, while the other wielded by men is called saidin. In the series, only women are given the right to channel this One Power. Those women who could do it created a powerful organization of the Aes Sedai, which further divided Ajahs meaning different orders.

Why can’t men channel the One Power in the season?

Now the question is that although the Power is divided in two, why were only women allowed to channel it? The answer is simple. This season is at the end of the third Age, while In the Second Age, also known as the Age of Legends,  both men and women were Aes Sedai and were allowed to channelize. During this period, the quality of life was improved with highly advanced technology. When the War of Shadow began, influenced by the Dark One, the World’s most powerful Aes Sedai, a male, stood against it and earned the title of Dragon.

He successfully imprisoned the Dark One and his forces; his heart was tainted by it. All the male Aes Sedai were driven mad, and they destroyed the World returning it to its primitive state. It was known as the Breaking of the World, and Third Age began. In this Age, men who could channel the One Power were being hunted by the Red Ajah of Aes Sedai, as the Dark One could quickly corrupt their channeling.

The Tolkien Connect

Much like Game Of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, Jordan wanted to appeal to readers familiar with the World of Tolkien. One can witness many similarities from the open vistas of Prague and Slovenia to the plot lines of dangerous monsters or Orcs inhabiting strange villages-its all there.

Wheel of Time Characters

There are 2782 characters in the 14 novels by Jordan. Each character has its personal history, a strong connection with the folklore, and an impact on the larger story.

Who is the Dark One in the series?

Dark One is the antithesis of the Creator. It is a comic force of chaos and evil known by several names in the season. Although the Dark One is imprisoned somewhere, dark forces like eyeless Fades, monstrous Trollocs, and Darkfriends are seen carrying out evil deeds in every episode. 

Magic and Matriarchs in The Wheel of Time

When you watch the first three episodes, you’ll find it evident that magic is more like a character in itself. Magic in this series is not restricted to mantras or spells in dimly-lit rooms. But it takes a different visual angle, unlike other shows.

The series is somehow set in a matriarchal society, as women are seen mainly controlling the whole story. The series is about Dark forces and Dragon Reborn who would save the World. Both men and women till the Second Age were the Channellers, but the destruction of the World at the end of the Second Age by men led to the beginning of the Third Age, where only women had the right to channel One Power. The setup, scenery, costumes, characters, and everything about the series are excellent. And once you watch season one, you won’t be able to wait for the second one like me!

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