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<strong>Is Netflix Korean season Kingdom a fresh take on zombies</strong>

Is Netflix Korean season Kingdom a fresh take on zombies

The moment I saw the trailer of Kingdom, I knew I would love the show. After I watched all the episodes of seasons 1 and 2, I drew my conclusion based on the fantastic story. Being a fan of horror movies, I have watched several movies and series about zombies. But there are a few things that make this series stand apart from the rest of the zombie movies and shows to date.

An original Netflix zombie thriller series Kingdom is based on the webcomic Kingdom of Gods by Kim Eun-hee. In the Joseon period of Korea, Chang, the prince, is forced to leave the capital after he is found guilty of a conspiracy. After he learns about the doctor who treated his father, The King, and turned him into something monstrous, he must unite his people to save his country. The crown prince soon realizes that his fight is not with another country but with his sick people. The doctor’s creation has led to a mysterious outbreak of a epidemic  that raises the dead.

This Netflix series is about the undead outbreak that spread in 16th-century Korea. It is a gorgeous, politically intriguing, frightening series that revolves around a disease that spreads throughout the nation from town to town. If you compare it with other Korean seasons like All of us are Dead or Happiness. You’ll see that the set, storyline, characters, and era make it seem so real that you find yourself standing somewhere between those people.

Several things make one think that this season is a fresh take on zombies, including:

No use of modern technology

Unlike all other zombie movies or series, where you’ll see the use of modern technology like pump-action shotguns, automobiles, chainsaws, etc. One can witness no such modern technology in this season. It is the first and foremost reason this series differs from every other zombie series. The only use is spears, bows and arrows, fire, and some fantastic tactics.

How a fresh take on zombies

Well, I know most of you will believe that zombies in every season are alike. They are slow; you shoot them in the head, they die, usually don’t come out during the daylight, and much more. But there are a few exciting things about the undead in this Netflix series that make them quite interesting.

The movements of the zombies upon resurrection are something unique to be noted. The hollow dead eyes, the sound of cracking bones, and the hunger for blood are terrifying. Once any person is bitten, he is turned into one or eaten by the undead.

The first zombie

Usually, in movies or web series, the first zombie is always a scientific experiment or an ordinary man. But in Kingdom, the very reason for the outbreak or the first person who becomes the undead is the King himself. Behind this doing were the King’s power-hungry wife and her father. Her only motive was buying some time to give birth to a new prince and getting rid of the crown prince to get hold of the throne.

Netflix KIngdom a zombies thriller Korean Series, in Story Analysis in ChriStories

Nocturnal zombies

The piling up of the zombies during the daytime under the shelter isn’t something I had seen before in any season. This idea of presenting zombies as nocturnal is brilliant. As the sun rose, the zombies scurried away like ants into dark, spine-chilling places. Introducing such an outstanding concept relieves the audience and helps continue the story. But it made us worry for our hero too. Who wouldn’t know where the zombies would be hiding? It might be under his own house, his bed.

Zombies and winter

If you have watched the season, you must have realized that it’s not that the zombies are nocturnal, but the hot weather that they are sensitive to. They need cold temperatures for the resurrection, which not only added a brilliant twist to the plot of season 1 but also gave chills to the audience with an incredible amount of tension. At the end of season 1, winters approach, and with it, the zombies start moving freely, even during the daytime. So, the hibernation during the day in summer and resurrection at night can be referred to as a fresh take on zombies.

The fantastic visuals and costumes used in this season set this season apart from other zombie series. Throughout the season, one can witness brilliant shots of the Korean countryside and the scope and size of money spent. The spectacular performance of zombies tearing people apart was worth watching. Last but not least, the costumes, the storyline, and everything stood at their proper position from episode one till the final episode of season 2.

The unusual behavior of zombies, their terrifying looks, the sounds of their cracking bones, in short, everything about zombies in this season is outstanding. The writer has taken quite a fresh take on zombies, which can be witnessed throughout the whole series of Kingdom.


This was our Story-Analysis for Netflix’s Kingdom. We analyzed the different and new look of the zombies, this series provided. It’s a fresh idea considering the ‘competition’ on the more, western productions…

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