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News: Manga Update

Hello friends! Chris here, discussing our Manga plans for the future.

This is the first ‘News’ post we are doing. As you can see we just added this new Page called ‘Closer To Us!’. We did it so we have a way to interract by speaking with those different kinf of posts with our community, Apart from the social media which are still difficult for us to make them different from each other. We will get there in time, since our first priority is to do our Hobby, to write and explore stories.

Apart from that in this posts I want to inform you about the future of Manga. Its been more than a year from our first and only Manga chaper post… I personally want to apologise since there were a lot of things going on and could get myself to sit down and design/draw/edit and finish the chapters. But this does not mean that this project is over! To be more specific, I have in mind and in draft 2 more original manga. Apart the one which I already have started, the Bleach fanmade story.

Bleach Manga

For the Bleach I was in a innner conflict on how to develop it. I had the original idea to post my simple fanmade story, as I drafted it. Which was simple, compact and told its theory of a different version of the original Bleach. But reading in again, I noticed that some parts where too oversimplified and quick; making the story seem like it was rushed. I was thinking on either posted it as it was since it is a fanmade story and not an actual part of the original story. Or to develop it with details and in depth so it would seem more like an actual thing.

If I was to choose the later, I would haveforced myself to design much more pages and dialoges. In the prossess there were the other 2 projects I want to explore; so I didnt know what exaclty to do. Giving it some thought I decided to keep it combact and short, and if the story gets some attention and by your request in the future I could develop it more. The chapters will be contained by 12 to 15 pages. As i overlooked it the whole story would be about 10 to 12 chapters. So by the end of the year my goal is to finish it.

The other Projects

Manga Drafts

The other two projects I will start developing will consider: 1 original,science fiction story, and 1 inspired by real events that happened to me the last years. I think you will enjoy them… or hate them, depence… With not revealing too much, I want to say that the first manga has already been drafted its first chapter. So, by the end of the month I will release it. This is a promise! For the second I have no context yet.

To finish, I want to sum up that, the Manga goals are to be released atleastone chapter every month. The first priority is Bleach, second beeing the other original fantasy story and the third which is in very early stages of development.

Stay safe, healthy and try to have fun! We will see you around

A News post from Chris.

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