This Japanese style of graphic novels, or comics are getting more and more popular in the publicity. And not undeserved I might add. Manga, as a story narration is a very interesting and quite unique in its own way.

These Comics always fascinated and kept my interest after so long of reading and watching the animation adaptations, called Anime. The Japanese Culture is really quite intriguing. I have to say, the moment I read my first comic I knew that I had to try to draw that kind of sketches and characters. I always loved arts. Whether it was painting, sketching, or design. My first dream job was becoming an Car designer, you see. But this is another story and topic.


This Content has been worked out for years. I made story plot preparations for the ongoing and upcoming Manga which will be posted here!


Happy Reading,


Ulquiorra x Orihime, Bleach,Chapter3

Ulquiorra x Orihime, Bleach,Chapter3

The story continues after Chapter 1 & 2 where Ichigo celebrated his birthday while some days later Ulquiorra returned in…
Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Chapter 2: Hollow return

Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Chapter 2: Hollow return

Kind Reminder, this is a fan-made story. Not cannon by all means. You will understand the plot and the reason…
Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Manga

Bleach Alternative Fan-Story Manga

Bleach was one of my favorite Anime/ Manga series. When I watched the Anime, I was very disappointed that one…

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