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Mount And Blade: Revenge, Book 2 – Chapter I: Rothgar and the Nords

Sargoth, 1269 CE

I looked at the mirror. Who was that guy staring back at me? What had I become? The truth is, that my past was blurred to me. I could not remember much, after my battle with Rothgar. But, at the beginning at least, it was not easy, nor pleasant. I was badly hurt from the battle, with two arrows wedged in my body and a chest wound from a sword. I had lost my senses for two days. When I woke up, in my surprise, I did not find myself in a dungeon. On the contrary, I was in a medical tent. Rothgar was taking care of me. That was the moment that I realized; I was not a captive here in Sargoth.

Now two years after the Battle of the Northern Hills, as Rothgar named our clash of steel in the Chronicles of the Nordic History, I was a whole different man than I used to be. I was actually a Nord. My brown hair was long and combed according to the traditions of the people here, I had a beard… Everything was different, in relation to the beginning of my journey here at Calradia. But also, everything was suddenly familiar. The Nordic lifestyle was not far from the one I had in my early days. People here were simple, everyone had his task and job, they worshipped one God and, the most important, there was no people conspiring. Here, the people had honor. Not like other kingdoms… Kingdoms that do not care and betray its subjects.

Rothgar and Ragnar: The Two Kings.

Away from the poisonous words of Harlaus and his council of vipers, I was able to meet the one who was called Ragnar, the noble king. He was alive and well, ruling beside the man who had defeat me. The Swadian propaganda, that wanted Ragnar dead from the hands of Rothgar, was far from true. The old king, with his body collapsing by the years, he decided that it would be good to have someone else rule the lands of the Nords. And Rothgar was one capable man to do that. But he honored the old king. In the throne-room, if you dear reader, ever visit Sargoth, you will see that two thrones are there, made by the same steel, covered in the same fabric. Rothgar, could not think himself as someone who was superior to king Ragnar. His honor could not let him do that.

I had developed a good and constructive relationship with both of the Kings. Alongside Rothgar, I became a better warrior, in terms of fighting and survival. But the one thing that a warrior does is fighting. He cannot lead other men to battle. These were the wise words of King Ragnar. Alongside him, I learned how to lead, and when I became a Vassal of the Kingdom of Nords, he taught me how to rule my people, with wisdom, prudence, force whenever necessary, but also, and most importantly for me, how to rule with honor and dignity. You see, after my hardships in the hands of Swadia, I realized that, to many weasels are roaming this world. And the world needed to change. Rapidly. No god could do that, no kingdom, no army. We men only, can do that. By changing ourselves and our ways.

Rothgar, A True Friend and a Military Genius

Rothgar really became a true friend of mine, like none other. He trained me and also helped me to transform myself to a true Nord and a noble of that. Ah, I cannot not and will not forget the battles we have together. Rothgar’s true strategic mastermind is only enhanced by his skill in battle. First, he does not go to a battle for blood. Swadians and Rhodoks believe they have honor, but I never heard of one of them trying to avoid battle or stopping his soldiers from pillaging and raping. Rothgar is the kind of leader that tries to avoid bloodshed, not only for his men, but also for the enemy. And yes, it’s not only because Rothgar is true at heart, but also because it was common sense.

Destroying an army helps no one. Helping your cause by reasoning and adding men to your lands or ranks, it’s diplomatic.

“War solves nothing” says Rothgar. “If in war, you can help men live in peace, then you have won the war”.

It may sound simple dear reader, but not everyone can understand it. Not even me. It took me years to understand these people and this culture. But eventually I did. And it helped me. It helped me appreciating values that on this time, I had already forgotten. Helped me realize the value of human life. And truthfully, everyone else in Calradia has a demeaning sense for humans. Hell, even in the Sultanate, they believe that their God will roast the unbelievers flesh and then make new for them to suffer for eternity. I say that if a god does that to anyone, he is a fraud, not god.

Never Forget

But yet, I cannot forget. It’s not easy for a human to forget what has been done to him, especially when he was betrayed by those who this man called friends. Back at my old home, away from Calradia, was a man, that was betrayed by his best friend, but when they were putting him to death, he forgave them. I am amazed of course from the people that have that inner strength to forgive. But I suppose… I am not that man. I am not even sure that I want to be that man.

Yes, I am vengeful. And I still have wrath in me for the things that happened to me. These insults cannot go unpunished. The voices of my men have not yet subsided. They scream for vengeance, revenge. They want Harlaus’ blood to be spilled! I want it to be spilled! Because then, these souls and my soul shall rest.

“The hateful man can bring more evil than the one who had done him harm!” Ragnar warned me occasionally. He may be right. And I may bring evil. Evil on this wreched king and his council of idiots. But I vow, this is personal. I vow that no one else shall be harmed because of me. Justice will prevail. And my revenge is exactly that!

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