Mount and Blade: Rise of War, Epilogue – Three Years Later

Three years passed, were I rotted in a Nordic prison cell. Three years away from my wife, having lost all the people that I loved and cared about, betrayed by those that I once called friends. But what can you expect from these lying Swadians? They demonized a whole party of people, the whole country of the Nords, as bloodthirsty murdurers, only to spread their propaganda. To spread the word of hatred, to lead their legions of men to kill other men, to continue the circle of blood and death. To lead more fathers and sons, brothers and sisters to their deaths.

During my three years here, I realized that serving your king as a good soldier is not enough. Killing, because someone else told you to do so. Leaving behind those you hold dear, to fight someone else’s war. I learned to know who I am fighting, because I learned who the Nords really were. I learned that our “righteous” king Harlaus had filled our heads with lies. And one thing I hate the most in this world is hypocrisy and lying. Even thieves and murderers have standards. I was expecting more from a king, who was supposedly standing for what is good and right. He would beg for mercy when I find him. He will drop to his knees and he will beg my forgiveness, as I will end his life slowly, wasting every drop of his blood. And then I will give his body to the palace dogs. I am ready. I am ready to take arms and fight the devil encarnated. And I will win. I will bring Fire and Blood to the fucking Swadians and their king…

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