Mount and Blade

Calradia is known to many as the so called “land of opportunity”, the one place on the face of this world that a man of common birth can achieve greatness. Calradia for sure has her beauties. Her sceneries unmatched, the beautiful cities, the rivers, the thick forests… But she also has a darker side, a more pragmatic one. This side is cruel, unjust, bathed in the blood of fallen soldiers. Marked with famine and pestilence. Calradia has the signature of the gods of death.

Mount and Blade series follows the story of a fictional character, who (like in – game) starts with nothing and tries to build his way up to the social ladder of this world. If you, the reader, are a player yourself and of this game genre, you will find many similarities to places and characters of the game. Alas, this story tries to remain true and close to the nature of the famous video game.

The main story is described in the first two books of the series, while stories on the side characters will be added later, as an anthology section. As the writer, I hope you have fun adventurer and happy journeys to you! And for you who jump on this kind of stories for the first time, do not worry. Even a novice can experience in full the adventures of a bard’s ballad!


Mount and Blade Book cover Story ChriStories

1st Book

Mount and Blade: Rise of War, follows the journey of Tharon, who after a life-threatening experience decides to set sail to Calradia, the land of opportunity! 

Find out all about this exciting adventure in the first book of this Story, written by Spyros. Here on ChriStories!

Mount and Blade Book cover Story ChriStories

2nd Book

The second book, Mount and Blade: Revenge, follows the events that the first book ended with. Tharon experiences hardship, betrayal and fury. All this rage blinds him in the most dark, evil and bloody part of his life...

Follow and find out all about Tharon in the second book of this Story, written by Spyros. Here on ChriStories!

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