Quick Update

Hello there, this is Chris. Thank you for coming and checking my site! Since I have not yet started posting and blogging officially I want to welcome you to my Blog!

I created this site to follow my passion for writting and stories in general. I have already written all that in the ABOUT section so i’ll cut to the chase by informing you, who are interested in the content I provide, that after 2 months i created this site (took me a while 😛 ), I will start uploading content as much as I can. Starting from today by uploading the draft of the first 14 custom-made pages of my manga about an alternative story about Bleach that I have in mind. Check the first chapter now! Chapter 1

Drawing has always been a favourite hobby of mine so i am eagered to see how it will go. Be sure to leave a comment of your thoughts about the story or any improvents you may want me to make in the future pages. My goal is to post about 13 pages every month at least! I hope I will achieve this goal through the end of the manga.

On a different note, I will try to post the other chapters of my own ‘E-Book’ called Zepar be sure to check it out and share your opinions about it as well! My goal on this one is at least 1 chapter per 2 weeks or so. We will see…

I have also another story I want to start writting as well. Which is about norse mythology that I am so passionate about.

Lastly, you may have noticed that I also have started a Youtube Channel as well. I will try to upload my first video at the end of this month. It will be about my favourite story, The Lord of the Rings. I hope fans of the movies and the books will find it ‘educational’.

That’s it from me for now. If i have more things in mind, be sure that I would let you know from my social media (Twitter Instagram Facebook) and from updates here in the Blog.

Have a fun and beatiful day!


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