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Rings of Power can be called a Qualified success?

Rings of Power can be called a Qualified success?

As the title suggests, the Rings have returned. If you think about it, you will have the feeling that the series is just a ring debut. The Rings of Power (LOTR) is a prequel to J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel that begins the era of the LOTR franchise and Amazon. The series is looking forward to becoming a titan streamer in the fantasy world. Now the question  is whether LOTR Is  a qualified success or not. Well, the show has received a mixed response. Several people watch it; some call it awful, while others love it.

In this season, what one witness is the creation of the Rings. The season is set in the Second Age, where we are introduced to the world of Middle-earth that includes Men, Elves, Dwarfs, Trolls, Orcs, etc., along with the creations of the rings; one is curious throughout the whole season about who Sauron is? Now that the last episode has been aired and Sauron’s identity has been revealed, the question is will LOTR be as successful as Amazon hoped it would be?

Differences between Rings of Power and Tolkien

There were no hidden identities in the earlier works of The Lord of the Rings and its related professions. The characters appeared as who they were, unlike the series in which one constantly remains curious about the Stranger, Sauron, and Adar. All the characters wrestle with abstractions representing evil or good in the purest forms.

If we talk about pure Tolkien’s work, it’s all about the incredible journeys that individuals make by enduring pain and struggling to reach impossible destinations. But if you see the LOTR series in this context, you might find it a bit hollow because it lacks pure Tolkien’s taste as the journey is headed nowhere. People did travel in the season but did so out of fear of Orcs, Adar, or Bronwyn. These journeys were made merely to save themselves and not a true Tolkien journey.

So, I would argue here that In the Campbellian sense, this trip can’t be called a journey. And this is the sole reason why some might have felt LOTR hollow because the lead characters didn’t grow during their trip. For example, One of our lead protagonists Galadriel, while traveling towards the elf heaven of Valinor, turns down the paradise at the very last moment to continue her hunt in the Middle-east for Sauron.

The season opens up with Galadriel searching for Sauron, and during the whole season, her only motive seen is the search for Sauron, and there is no change in her character. From the start till the end, she is the same person.

Rings of Power short presentation and opinion ChriStories Blog, Story Analysis
Rings of Power short presentation and opinion ChriStories Blog, Story Analysis

Not all bad though…

Although not much growth in relationships is seen yet, there are a few bonds or best moments where you can point out the development of relation or personality seen in the characters—the friendship bond between Elrond and the dwarven prince Durin. Then between Durin and his wife and his father. Apart from these characters, all other characters in the season are only reduced to learning the hidden roles and secrets.

Apart from this hollowness that I have found in the series, there are many exciting things about it. Human lives, elven woods, Dwarven halls, in short, all of it is beautiful. The endless virtual budget series hasn’t disappointed anyone regarding structure and sight. Any viewer like me would love to visit Middle-earth after watching this series. However, it is a fantasy place you’ll find only in books and movies. Everything seems so perfect: glamorous halls, pretty costumes, and the effects.

The Lord of the Rings: The Power of Rings is recreated keeping in mind the Lord of the Rings movie you love, not slipping into parody. The cinematography, I must appreciate, is gorgeous. The scene where elves are seen climbing mountains with ice axes is something worth watching. A couple of small-scale fights and flashy battle scenes against fantasy monsters give chills down the spine. The background music at different times conjures the feeling as if something epic will happen next.

Lastly, creating the rings at the end puts us in a new state of mind, where we start thinking about who will wear those rings. Who will share the power? What will Sauron do next, or will he get those rings or not? All these questions are the only thing we are left with as the first season ends.

There is hope in the series?

According to the data, The Rings of Power is a huge hit. Except for many, who hate it, millions of fans love the series. As an original Amazon Prime series, LOTR is the most-watched season. So, it will not be wrong to admit that The Rings of Power is a qualified success. Many things mentioned above have played their role in making it a big hit.

Depicting something from a fantasy world that has only existed in stories isn’t an easy job, but J.A. Bayona has created an epic, and when you guys watch it trust me, you will love everything about it. If you have watched the new season of The Lord of the Rings, I would like you to give your valuable feedback. Either you will call it a perfect success or a failure.

One thing is for certain. The series will continue and either we, the fans of the original work of Tolkien, like myself, or someone who is firstly introduced to this world; We all have to accept that Amazon was not given all the rights for the characters and content. Having only to work on the second age, they had to make something slightly different from the books. Otherwise everyone would already know what is going to happen, spoilers etc. Creating something that would lead us to question some things in the series, helps to develop questions and discussions about the series and its concept. In Which sense it suceeded!

Rings of Power POV thought

We all are wondering how the series would develop, what’s next and the differences they will make. Either way, as a fan of Tolkien, I am grateful I was given a well-invested series (about 1 billion was put for this series!!!) and I think the future is bright. After all, I am open to any new ideas as long they keep the original creation. Without altering important facts and events of the second age! The next season would be crucial for the creators. As they did not get the support from all the fans for the first season.

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I will still believe and have hope for the series!

Soon We will post an more Detailed Story-Analysis, where we will talk in more detail. Specifically what was wrong with the first season. What could have been different. And what we have to expect from the second season. Be sure not to miss or not so Spoiler-free Story-Analysis! Until then be sure to explore our Story Analysis Page

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