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Stories in the form of Books that are going to be posted in this Unique and important Section of our Blog! Be sure to not miss our weekly content of the two Authors and founders of the Website, Chris and Spyros. We both wish to create a healthy and easy environment for out own Stories to be posted. After creating this part in our Blog, we are definitely sure and confident that this Section becomes your very favorite, as it is our own favorite part of this Blog... Not to mention that this is also the main reason of this Blogs Creation...

Many Books are yet to be posted in this Section of the Blog, because it is our passion! We, the Authors and creators/founders of this site promise to be as much as active we can by posting weekly chapters of our original stories, as well as answering possible questions

The Books:

Zepar The Novel in


This book is Chris's long project. His love for adventure books and high fantasy novels such as Lord of the Rings combining with fascinating twists and world building, gave the inspiration for the creation of this story...

child of ragnarok book cover christories

Child of Ragnarok

A book inspired by the Norse Mythology. Chris writes a story for his favorite norse-mythological creature, the World Serpent known as Jormungandr. Explore a melodramatic adventure of the most missunderstood Giant in Middle-Earth...

The Argive Story Book in ChriStories


An exciting novel inspired by realism and myths! It takes place in Ancient Greece, during the rein of Alexander the Great. Spyros writes the story of a young man named Achilles, a demi-god whose journey will prove unpredictable

Mount and Blade Rise of War book 1 cover ChriStories

Mount and Blade

Yes. Those two books that Spyros has written are inspired and based on the famous video game, sharing its name. The story is about a young warrior named Tharon, who decided to go and make a living in the war that was proclamed in the lands of Calradia...

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