This Section
Is About The
E-Books We
Are Writing


Stories in the form of Books are going to be posted in this Unique and important Section of our Blog! Be sure to not miss our weekly content of the two Authors and founders of the Website, Chris and Spyros. We both wish to create a healthy and easy environment for out own Stories to be posted. After creating this part in our Blog, we are definitely sure and confident that this Section becomes you very favorite, as it is our own favorite part of this Blog, creating and posting our own Books… Not to mention that this is also the main reason of this Blogs Creation…

Many Books are yet to be posted in this Section of the Blog, because it is our passion! We, the Authors and creators/founders of this site promise to be as much as active we can by posting weekly chapters of our original stories, as well as answering possible questions…

Furthermore, our goal is to be active with you, the reader, so this as well a great opportunity for you to see want kind of people we are. After all, what a better way to know a person than reading and witnessing his works. 😛

Welcome Back! We are delighted you returned!