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The Argive: What Happens Next?

The Argive: What Happens Next?

What’s next for the Argive?

Achilles’ mission has been accomplished. This is the end of the first story of the Argive. That being said, it is not the last you will see about “The Argive: Gates of Hades”. As you may have noticed, our stories, like “Child of Ragnarök”, are coming out as books, in a kindle form or/and paperback. You can find them at The reason we decided to do this next step, was due to the fact that WordPress, as a platform, isn’t quite the tool for a writer or author. Every section must contain 300 maximum and 150 word per paragraph. As you can realize, this isn’t close enough to tell a story, or describe a fantasy world. But more details about that will come to you at a later date.  

So, for a few months now, I have been editing the story itself and adding things, writing some parts again from the beginning · all for the purpose of creating a complete story. In the blog-version of the Argive, the story is written hastily, leaving many details out. The book format, allowed me to add more characters, offer details for the world of ancient Greece and give historical and mythological knowledge of that timeline. Also, consider that I wrote the story years ago, so it’s only natural to find mistakes, plot-holes and things that you just want to expand on. Re-editing the story on the WordPress platform only worked for a limited amount· thus the decision about the book. The book will be twice the size of the existing storyline and much more epic! I can promise you that!

Will there be a next one?

Although I work upon many projects right now, I have some drafts about the continuation of the story. Achilles of course remains the main character. I will not give many details about the current thought process, but the only thing I am going to say is, that the next installation is much later the Hellenistic Era. If you wonder, how is it possible for a human being to live that long, read the story and find out!

I’m positive that we grow as we write. And that goes for all of us friends and companions of this blog. Even the greatest authors in the world had their beginnings, something to stand upon and built their way up. The same goes for us too. I know that Argive isn’t a story in the “Lord of the Rings” level, but it is a beginning. And from that, I take courage to go forward and create more and more, as time flies by.

Until we meet again!

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