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The Child of Ragnarok: CVI Understand the pain

The Child of Ragnarok: CVI Understand the pain

Decades, I was trying to figure out how to contact my sister, Hel, who was ruling a world far away from Midgard. But I couldn’t think of anything… I was losing hope… I couldn’t understand. That’s when I decide to swim in the open ocean; to clear my head… That’s when I heard him. My father!

I heard my father screaming in agony. His voice came from inside a deep cave. Didn’t know what was happening, what to do. Couldn’t enter the cave, because of my size! I just stood there… Outside this cave, with my father screaming in pain inside.

Then, there was a long silence for quite some time; I thought, maybe the voices were just my imagination… Until the screaming began once again. A woman was exiting the cave with a very big bowl in her hands. That smell, I recognized it! The bowl had some liquid inside! Snake poison!!!

Anger seized me! Why was a woman exiting a cave where my father was screaming, while carrying a bowl of poison in her hands?! I was about to attack, but the woman just run towards me like she recognized me!

She yelled ‘vér haftilr fylgjagð þinn faðir’ I did not understand her… As no one speaks my tongue…

What was going on? I demanded an explanation, but she could not understand me as well… I tried to clear my head and at least try to understand her.

She continued to speak to me. All her efforts were not in vain… I figure it out that she was trying to help. But why and how…

And at that moment it hit me! I recognized who she was! She was Sigyn! The other wife of my father! His wife, when he was in Asgard! She was no threat. I had to help somehow but I couldn’t understand what had happen…

With no time to spend as we were getting nowhere, she emptied the bowl of poison and run again inside! Once she entered the cave once again, the screaming of my fathers stopped once again. That bowl somehow prevents my father from his torture. Now that Sigyn went inside, maybe she will ask my father for some help, on what I could do…

Family in need

My father is one of the few who have some knowledge of my tongue. He told Sigyn on what to say to me every time she was going outside to empty the bowl of the poison. It was hard trying to understand her rephrasing… But I understood her eventually…

Hearing what Sigyn was trying to tell me, while she was in sorrow, pain and sadness; it got me so furious like no time before. I yelled, unwittingly scaring Sigyn to run back inside.

The Aesir had to pay! The Gods had to suffer for what they did to my family! They had to end!!!

I was in no position to help my father. Couldn’t enter the cave, without destroying it and potentially burring my father to the ground. Was left with no options at all. Tried to talk to Sigyn but she couldn’t understand the words I was saying.

Once again when she came out, running towards me this time. Carrying a message from my father! I understood perfectly her dialect this time. ‘Loki said you have to find Angrboda, you mother! She is the only one that could help…’ she paused for a little bit as she was seemingly trying to remember the way she had to translate to my speech as my father told her. ‘Contact the sons of Fenris’. I got it! The wolfs that chase the Sun and the Moon, the sons of my big Brother. They would be able to help me!

As I was getting the confidence to leave that place where my father was tortured, I put myself together and went off my way. In between the screaming of my fathers pain I heard something from him, He shouted as loud as he could inside that cave, so I could listen. “Thank you” those words still echo in my head. Reminding me for what I am fighting for. My family, who have been robbed of freedom, each of them cursed in a prison of torture…

There was a long pause after Jormungandrs speech. His story was fully emotional for him. He was narrating it to Mimir, as he was experiencing it once again. Mimir noticed a small tear exit Jormungandrs eye. Mimir didn’t want to interrupt him, so he gave the World Serpent the time he needed to calm down.

Jormungandr realized he stopped talking for quite a while, and gave a look down at his audience, with Mimir looking him back, not saying a word.

“I am sorry, you said you were out for information and knowledge; and I completely skipped the part of what happened to my father to get him punished and imprisoned…”

“I did not think you knew what happened.” Said surprised Mimir!

“I didn’t, but I later found out…” “So, before I continue, I will tell you this little story as well… Of how Loki, my father got punished by the Gods.”

“Loki’s Crime

He tricked Hod, the blind god into killing his own brother Balder. Also, he prevented the gods to get his back from Hel, though the last part the gods weren’t aware of. The details I am not aware of to tell you. His Punishment was cruel. They transformed his son with Sigyn, my step-brother Vali, into a wolf and had him attack his own brother, my other step-brother, Narfi!

The wolf tore apart his brother, ripping open his throat and spilling his guts on to the rock floor. The cruel gods then forced Loki on to three stones; they put one stones beneath his shoulders, one under his loins and one beneath his knees. The Aesir then took Narfis spilled entrails and they rushed them through the holes they had made in the stones, binding my father’s neck and shoulders tight. They wound the entrails of his son, my step-brother, around his loins and his hips, tied his knees and legs so tightly he could barely move!

Then the Aesir transformed these intestines of Narfi into chains!

After that, the Aesir hanged a snake from the ceiling of the cave, above my father’s head. The snake had his fangs dripping with poison, drops of the snake’s poison dripped on to my father’s face. Making his eyes burn.

There the cruel Aesir left him, with poor Sigyn keeping her bowl right above his head, trying to catch each drop of poison as it was falling from the snake’s fangs into her bowl. But when the bowl was getting full, she had to leave and empty it, that was when drops of poison could reach his head and torture him…

Understand the Information

After hearing the details of that, Mimir was shocked and terrified. Jormungandrs father is Loki. His actions made Balder get killed. He was holding onto that, as an important notice. But he was frightened as he was hearing the punishment Loki got threw… Once again, he kept his thoughts for himself and let the World Serpent Continue with his story…

Days had passed and I wandered the World trying to find a clue on how to contact my mother. My father suggested me via Sigyn to first speak with Skoll and Hati, the sons of Fenrir, my nephews. I remember Ratatoskrs sayings when he told me what happened to them… Skoll chases the sun so he is must be present and knowing the things that happened in the Daylight. While Hati chases the Moon so he should have the knowledge of every action taken in the night.

I tried to stood up and reach the stars with my height! It was morning so I yelled ‘Skoll!!!’

I couldn’t see him but at the direction of the Sun a load voice echoed in my ears… The wolf cursed on chasing the Sun answered me. “How can I help you, Jormungandr, brother of my father”

I explained the situation to him as quickly as possible and asked if he had any leads over my mother’s where-being. He answered.

‘I haven’t seen my father’s mother for many days now, maybe Hati knows something’

And that’s what I did, I waited for the Moon to come and once again tried to reach the skies to ask Hati the same thing.

He answered. ‘My father’s mother has joined my father’s sister in Helheim many nights ago…’

Despair hit me… I lost my mother, I didn’t know what to do, who to contact, how can I help my family… Everyone is cursed, imprisoned, or banished!

I didn’t say a thing and as I returned to the ocean of Midgard I heard Hati shouting at me.

“Do not forget Uncle, no one is really gone, she just went to Helheim”

That’s when it hit me! That was it! I thought. In order to find my mother, I had first to get in touch with my sister, Hel! Back to the original task as before… How can you contact the dead let alone their Queen!?

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