The Child of Ragnarok

This Story takes place in the world of Norse Mythology. Inspired by those myths, “The Child of Ragnarok” is about someone who tragically lost everything and everyone who loved. The story starts after a strange event took place in Midgard. Mimir, the ambassador of the Gods was send to investigate the event and the one who caused this abnormal event. This one was a Giant Snake… So, Mimir started a conversation with him.

Mimir and the Snake

“So, you call yourself ‘The smartest man alive’ and you don’t know who I am… I don’t know if I should be flattered or disappointed.”

“You should be disappointed! After all, the fact that I don’t know who you are, makes you insignificant, my big snake.”

“Look at me… Do I look insignificant to you? I am Jormungandr, the World Serpent! I am the one who killed Thor in Rangarok.”

“You killed Thor? Man, I should have realized, I am talking to an illusional dopper… Thor is very much alive and what is this Ragnarok that you’re so talking about?”

“You sure are Mimir? The smartest man alive? The man who knows every corner of Midgard, every language spoken, every war waged, every deal struck? And still you have never heard of Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods?”

“Yes, yes I am, but I have never heard neither of you nor that Ragnarok”

“That is because it has not yet happened, and I have not yet been even born!”

“That is madness!”

“In my battle with Thor in our last moments I spit at Thor my deadly poison and then he tried to struck his hammer into my head, but I dodged, concluding he hit the ground. His impact must have been so huge, it harmed the World Tree Yggdrasil, because at the moment of the impact a hole was created, wrapping me in it… and out of nowhere I appear here in this timeline.”

“Do you expect me to believe you?”

“Mimir, you have heard, as you so proclaim every part of the history, every story ever told and still you don’t know me or how I was appeared in this land. My size is circling all Midgard and people claim that I just appear out of nowhere. Don’t you think this is odd?”

“You got me there, to be honest. Your appearance still remains a mystery to me… Fine, I will hear your story. The more knowledge I have, the better. But, let me return to Asgard to give a report on the All-father and I will return the soonest.”

“Fine by me, after all you know where to find me.”

Mimir is Odin’s advisor and the ambassador of the Aesir gods. As a matter of fact, he gained his greatest title, God of Wisdom and knowledge during the great War between the Aesir and the Vanir gods. In addition, he was known as Robin Goodfellow, he is very kind and in fond of peace. He always tries to prevent War, because he likes the calmness of the world and every Realm. Also, he thinks a little too high of himself as he proclaims himself, as the smartest man alive.

Mimir travelled to Asgard

When he arrived in Asgard after using the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, he walked with quick steps toward the great hall of Valhalla. Odin spends most of his time in this great hall, mostly because it was the place where he celebrated all his victories. A place that gives him joy and calms his mind whenever he is having problems. Tons of poems have been written for the famous Valhalla, All father’s favorite hall. With a roof made of gold-bright shields and iron spears for its rafters. Hundreds of seats, made of silver breastplates, surround the main gate and eagles fly above it. There, he waited for Mimir to show up and inform him about the giant-snake that appeared out of nowhere in Midgard leaving every living creature terrified from its monstrous look. So, should the Allfather worry about its presents?

Mimir being nervous and troubled from the information’s he got from the snake-giant, reached outside the gate of Valhalla, where he stopped. The wolves jumped in front of him, gave him a look with their emerald eyes and after they recognized his familiar smell. They let him pass into the Hall. Mimir with his peasant hands gave a strong push the enormous door, echoing its movement in all the vast hall. Odin hearing that, he suspected Mimir had arrived so he raised his head and waited for him to come towards him. As expected Mimir reached Odins sight, walked toward him and bowed. After that, he began to explain the situation to him.

The mystery “Ragnarok”

“With my conversation with the Serpent I concluded that It cannot be considered a threat to the gods yet. It was too friendly to me. But I am concerned about something It called ‘Ragnarok’, It claims that It is from the future.”

“Do you believe It?”

“We both were there, when you and your brothers killed Ymir the ancestor of all the giants and filled the void Ginnungagap with the great giants body parts. Even when we saw the tree of worlds Yggdrasil grow.”

“Your point?”

“My point is that we were there, at the beginning of everything and never encountered something like time-travel.”

“In other word the serpent is lying? Maybe it’s Loki’s doing.”

“Not necessarily, but I think it might be worth investigated.”

“As you wish, try to get as much information you can, after all, this might be our opportunity to prepare for future wars.”

“If that’s so, I’ll try my best…”


Mimir hasn’t yet finished his sentence and an enormous scream interrupted him. The scream came from a very powerful person, A god maybe? Above all, the volume of the scream was so powerful that it was heard from every living creature in all the nine worlds:

Image of the Ash tree Yggdrasil used in the story "the child of Ragnarok"

Asgard, the home of the Aesir,

Alfheim, where the light elves live,

Nidavellir or some call it Svartalfheim, the dwarf’s home.

Midgard, the human world

Jotunheim, where all the giants live

Vanaheim, where the Vanir live

Nilfheim, the dark mist world,

A world without a name, yet, where the dead go. Some say, that this place’s position along with Nilfheim are the closest to where the dragon Nidhogg, lies. In the lowest position in the world tree Yggdrasil.

Lastly Muspell, the world of flame – where Sutr waits until Ragnarok comes – even he heard the scream full of horror…

The Chapter II will come very soon. Untill then be sure to read our other stories in progress. If you haven’t already 🙂

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