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Ulquiorra x Orihime, Bleach,Chapter3

Ulquiorra x Orihime, Bleach,Chapter3

The story continues after Chapter 1 & 2 where Ichigo celebrated his birthday while some days later Ulquiorra returned in Hueco Mundo! Having a demand from the newly Hollow King, Grommjow!

Kind reminder, this is a fan-made story by an amateur Manga artist. The story is NOT Cannon by any means. The reason behind its creation was explained in the last post, and at the end so there will be any spoilers… A story about a Hollow and a Human.



Ichigo and Rukia sense a dangerous Hollow in Orihime’s place. That being none other than Ulquiorra. They had some questions that need aswering. How is Ulquiorra alive? And why did he return?

Ulquiorra explains how he can use his ability to escape death, by revealing his race of Hollow. After some backstory on Ulquiorras life, he also aswers the other question. He is here for Orihime! He believes she is the one that can ‘cure his curse’ and make him feel again. For him having a ‘heart’ means finding feelings, which at certain point he already did.

Ulquiorra x Orihime

In my fan-made manga I represent you a plot and an alternative story of the already existed Manga/Anime Bleach. The protagonist was my favourite character and I most certainly was a fan of this ‘ship’. Why not then create a story of those two being together, I asked myself. So I did. I am NOT a professional mangaka by any means. I think you can clearly notice it as well XD.

If you like my sketches and most importantly the story, thank you very much! I hope you can enjoy this journey with me and explore an alternative universe plot in the world of Hollows and Shinigamis!

P.S. I cannot wait for the release of the new anime adapting FINALLY the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, my mind is almost solely focused on Bleach 😛

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I hope I can see you around until our next chapter drops! Until then, stay safe and enjoy reading!

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