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Witcher 3 DLC: Hearts Of Stone – The Moral Ending Dilemma

Witcher 3 DLC: Hearts Of Stone – The Moral Ending Dilemma

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third and final installment in the series of games developed by CD PROJEKT RED featuring the witcher Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher 3 is set in a multi-region open world, featuring over 100 hours of content (from Witcher Wiki). Hearts Of Stone, is a DLC made for the Witcher 3, released on 13 October 2015 for all three major platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On October 15, 2019, it was released for the Nintendo Switch.



Witcher 3: Hearts Of Stone

The famous game, works in a very interesting pattern, where every choice you make, has an impact on the main story. That’s the reason, after all, that the main plot of the game has around 16 endings, based on characters plot arcs, side stories etc. The same pattern goes on for the DLC titles, for Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone. This way of developing a game, is actually one of the best ways to include the player in the plot. He is not just the observer that needs to move around, doing stuff for the plot. Every action has a consequence, while the world is shaping around the decisions you make.

After all, this is one of the main reasons that this title, 8 years later from the release date, is still one of the most loved game in existance right now. Of course is a little bit outdated on the graphics department, but the story is unmatched.

As for the plot of Hearts of Stone, it follows Geralt in a pecurial quest, while he was helping a man called Gaunter O’Dimm settling a debt. Gaunter, if the player is careful enough, is found very early in the Main Story of the game, in the inn of White Orchand. After Geralt asks him if he knows where Yen is, he is eager to help, before he vanishes in front of the witcher. He is one of most well written characters, mysterious and obscure. He has a tendency to hide his identity, but the players always get the idea that he is extremely powerful. The witcher will meet with many new characters and he will meet many people from his past, in this epic quest, to find out about the worth of a man’s soul.

The Witcher, The Bandit And The Evil

Hearts of Stone starts outside from the Seven Cats inn, where one of Olgierd’s men, is putting up a contract to help him. Geralt seems interested in it and decides to visit the man. Olgierd Von Everec, asks from Geralt to kill a monster in the sewers. Geralt agrees and sets off to fulfill his new contract. In the sewers of Oxenfurt, the witcher will meet Shani, a young girl and a romantic partner of the past (she is one of the options during the events of Witcher 1). With her help he tracks the monster and kills it. As it turns out, the monstrous toad, was an Ofieri prince. Geralt is arrested and he is thrown to a ship.

And then he meets the Master Mirror. After a quick exchange, Gaunter creates a storm that destroys the ship and iventually frees the witcher. Geralt, true to his word, heads to Yantra, the place Master Mirror pointed, in order to help him with a problem.

The witcher then heads to the estate of Olgierd von Everec, a bandit, to fulfil his wishes. Von Everec gives to Geralt three tasks in total. The House of Maximilian Borsodi, a day of happiness for his dead brother and the rose that Olgierd gave to Iris ages ago. Geralt, with the help of O’ Dimm and his romantic partner Shani, he completes all of the tasks. After that, the witcher is instructed by the Master Mirror to bring the Bandit to the Moon Temple of Lilvani. There the witcher will have to face an option. Should he let Gaunter O’ Dimm fullfil the contract they have and consume his soul? All should he risk his soul and Olgierd’s, in order to defeat O’ Dimm in his own game? What is the moral thing for Geralt to do?

Who Is Olgierd

Olgierd Von Everec, is a noble-turned-bandit lord. That’s the best way to describe him. According to himself, he used to have come from a rich family, until unfortune struck and lost everything. He was in love with a rich girl, but because of his family failings, her parents did not go through with the marriage. Olgierd tried to convice his beloved to elope, but she refused to dissobey her family. In despair, he looked for a man called Master of Mirrors. He was known as a man who could make wishes come true, with a prize of course. Gaunter O’ Dimm agreed, but Olgierd had to sacrifice one he loved: Iris or his brother, Vlodimir. The next day, Vlodimir was killed by soldiers, while trying to escape. Olgierd decided to lie in honor of his brother memory. He said that he fought valiantly, against many opponents.

After that, he was granted his 3 wishes: to marry Iris, to have riches again and to become immortal. All these wishes, came with a price. Immortality slightly started to deprive him from emotions. His marriage started to fall apart and completly lost Iris’ affection when he killed her father in anger. He also started to meddle with dark magic, in order to summon Gaunter O’ Dimm again, but with no success. After all that, Olgierd creates some monstrosities to keep company and protect Iris, and then leaves. Iris left to the estate until her death, from grief, after she lost everyone that once held dear.

Is There A salvation for Olgierd?

Now let’s see the story of Olgierd and try to find maybe one or two factors that, may help the witcher see the Bandit Lord, in a better light. First, we can understand that he loves his wife. After all, he did what he did for Iris. But as Dandelion used to say, “if you trully love someone, let them go”. Locking up his wife, killing her parents when she wanted to leave him, isn’t love. It’s obsesion. An obsesion that eventually killed Iris. And the worst of it all, is that Olgierd did not even bother to go back and bury her. He probably learned about it and continued his riding and raiding, like nothing ever happened.

But maybe he changed, maybe all this time since the death of Iris could soften him. During the quest, doesnt’t seem like it. When Geralt comes back from the heist of Borsodi’s house, Oldierd informs the witcher that he intends to give the donate the property of Maximilian to an orphanage. Geralts, with sarcasm of course, reponds that he did not believe him to be charitable. Olgierd though, does not even try to pretend. He plainly said that he actually do not give a damn about the kids. He just wants to make the Borsodi family name go through the mud, for the pain they caused to his family.

And if someone point to the lack of empathy as the result of immortality, we have to wonder. Lack of emotion, is lack of both negative and positive emotions. Olgierd though, is just bitter and full of revenge. And he has a plethora of those. So someone must wonder. Did he chose to be what he is? Did he chose to go away from Iris, because he just wanted to change? Maybe is just an excuse. A facade, that even Geralt used sometimes.

Gaunter O’Dimm, Or Master Mirror

Is he evil incarnated? Is he God (according to his initials G.O.D)? Most of them, consider him a dangerous man to meddle with, according to the Spirit Guardians of Iris, during the quest “Scenes from a Marriage”. Shakeslock, the crazy blind man from Oxenfurt University, think him as the devil. Evil in human form. But, his temperamet and attitude, really point to the contrary. He is really likable and seems to care a lot about human nature and especially his partner Geralt. He even cares about Shani and tries to help Geralt, who acts like a “hopeless fool” (like all men around their crushes), in order to get them together.

Is he the Devil? No. Because if someone reads the lore and the stories of the gods of the Northrn Realms, they are not good in any way. Maybe it’s just the way things are. Maybe Gaunter O’Dimm is the God that represents this universe. The higher being in existance, so to speak. But all of these are speculations, and that’s a good thing. To make absolute conclusions about the most obscure and interesting character of the game, takes away the veil of magic that is formed around them. Like when the series tried to give him an identity. And while we, the fans, were waiting for our beloved Gaunter O’Dimm to show up, with his jokes, we had a version with no mystery. Just an evil entity, a combination of Gaunter and the Three Crownies, that had ties to the Wild Hunt… How original…

Should The Witcher Save Olgierd?

Our short answer is: no. The witcher should not save Olgierd. We understand that there is the saying that “people change”. Well, there may be second chances for people, but those cases are rare. And after all, as we analyzed above, the years of research, pain and suffering, did not change him the least. He is still a bandit that loots, burns and kills. So to use a moral highground in front of Gaunter O’Dimm, whom is trying to deceive in order to escape just punishment, according to the contract that he made, it’s not really something that will make someone think that a person deserves a second chance.

And also we do not know his future. If the player desides to spare the man and play the game of O’Dimm, when the witcher wins, the two of them just sit down and watch the sunrise, while Olgierd promises to change his life.

But it isn’t that simple. Even Whoreson Junior needed an Dudu to take his place in order to “change”. People that are practice something for far too long, like banditry, it’s not easy to let it go. And we are not talking about 10 or 20 years. Olgierd was promised immortality and you find Iris dead from old age. So, he was an outlaw for many more years.

So yes, our conclusion is that Olgierd is beyond retribution. And no, the video of the 10th Witcher Anniversary, although emotional for us who have given our souls, sweat and blood to the game, it isn’t “cannon”. We may see Olgierd but in reality, well my friends… If he survives, then we have nothing.

Be Careful What You Wish For

This phrase absolutely represents the situation of Olgierd. He should have thought about his wishes, he should know better, that a deal that sounds good enough, it always has a catch. Also, the thing is that O’ Dimm did not try to exploit Olgierd’s situation. When hardships hit Olgierd hard, he chose the easy way out. He was the one who contacted Gaunter. Moreover, when Geralt confronts Gaunter O’ Dimm about him exploiting people when they are at their lowest, O’ Dimm disregards the things that the witcher is accusing him of. After, he explains that it is the nature of mankind that seek the easy way out. To only want pleasure and value of what can be seen. Gaunter of course grants them their wishes and let’s them know the price of their choises. Every “client” of O’Dimm knows that they are betting their soul.

That’s why Olgierd Von Everec chose to stand on the moon after the conclusion of their pact. But, as a master of his craft, O’Dimm knows his way around contracts, and makes him stand on the moon. Well, a depiction of it.

So no, the fault is not on Gaunter here. Instead of working hard, Olgierd chose the easy way out. And it costs. Dearly. That’s human nature. Gaunter could be of blame, if he was a human too. But he isn’t. His nature is granting wishes and capturing souls. And give advice on the baking of cookies. But this is how the way of things are. Gaunter cannot and won’t change. Olgierd knew that. And he payed the price for his wishes.

A helpful Tip

Many surely know this, but, if the player completes the Hearts Of Stone choosing the side of Gaunter O’Dimm, there is a secrat egg. If Geralt starts the quest before he find Ciri, it is possible to ask Gaunter O’Dimm about her. Although he is not willing to reveal where Ciri is, he is giving Geralt the pointers he needs, in order to treat her right (for the player to achieve the “good” ending, where Cirilla becomes a witcher). Gaunter gives Geralt 5 pointers:

  1. She will come to you resigned, defeated. Find a way to make her laugh.
  2. One will betray her. Let her vent her rage
  3. She will grieve a friend. Grieve with her.
  4. Fear will engulf her. Instill courage in her, but do not act in her stead.
  5. Never, ever let her feel as if you’ve sold her out.

The first, refers to the hard practice Avalach makes her do. Seeing no progress to herself, she complaints to Geralt. Then Geralt have to choose, either to have drinks with her or play snow-fight. The second one is reccommended. The betrayal refers to Avalach and his perverted schemes. While in his lab. Let Ciri get off some steam and destroy some of the elf’s property. The grief of a friend, although someone could think of Vezemir, it actually refers to the stable-boy Craven, who dies from the Wild Hunt, while helping Ciri. Pay your respects to the young man. The fourth one refers to the Sorceresses of the Lodge. When they summon young Ciri, Geralt will be asked to accompany her. But it’s best to leave her do this on her own.

The last pointers is useful only if you choose to report back to Emperor Emhyr. If you go there with Ciri, the Emperor will try to reward the witcher with 2.000 crowns. Although is a considerable amount, especially in Death March difficulty, do not do it. Even if you don’t care about the ending, this scene will trully make you feel like trash if you accept payment.

We hope you had fun! If you agree or disagree, leave a comment below!

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