Youtube Update

I am happy to inform you guys that I am currently working on some Youtube Videos.

Right now just as scripts and later we’ll do the editing part…

It has been a long time since we uploaded our first introduction video, and I feel kinda sad for that. Youtube is a nice way to express our content with you. And it is a perfect excuse for me to draw chibis ๐Ÿ˜› . The animated version of ourselves. Chris and Spyros. For a starter, I plan to make some videos like introductions. Firstly intoducing myself to you and the newcomers on our Blog. A way to get to know us better. me and Spyros.

Then I will try to make a presentation video about our content. One by one, meaning I will make a video for each Story we currently are working on. An introduction Video about the context of them. For those who are new to the Blog and our stories, those videos could be a quick summary about them.

In summary The Child of Ragnarok, Zepar: A Buried Secret, and of course Bleach will get seperate Youtube Videos. Last but not least, there will be a video about ourselves, like a ‘Chris Introduction’ and a ‘Spyros Introduction’. The videos won’t be long, as we will try to be as concise as possible. It will be like a QnA video without the Questions XD.

We know we are not that active, but we will try our best to achieve our goals and create our planned content in time. This Blog was created because it is our passion!

Until then You can try to get a first impression of our first Youtube Video, though the future ones will get better in both editing and build up. Thats a promise

Welcome to ChriStories Youtube Video

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