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About ZACH

Hello! I am Zach and I am the third member to join the ChriStories team and I’m excited to tell you a bit about myself, what I will do as well as why my avatar looks the way it does.




My Main Interest's

First, let me introduce myself in depth. Even though I have a lot of common interests with the other members, like the love for incredible stories, especially fantasy and sci-fi genres and great adventures in every form be it books, movies, games etc.

I have some love for types of stories that I can explore and share with you here. For example, the horror genre and primarily horror games and movies, which also will be my primary type of content I will post on the blog.

There is always and mostly sad story in most horror movies and games, and I love to discuss and analyze them.

Favorite Games

My favorite game or rather game series is Resident Evil. My first encounter was gameplay videos of Resident Evil 7, the game which Capcom decided to go back to the roots of the franchise and in first person perspective, something new for the series.

Another honorable mention is Little Nightmares, a 2.5D game with fantastic art direction and story. Indie horror games such as Madison, Visage and Bramble: The Mountain King are also hidden gems that people tend to miss because of their limited promotion.

Aside from horror games, other games that I love are The Witcher series, Mass Effect trilogy and Assassin’s Creed series.



As for movies, I watch mostly DC movies, my favorite being Zack Snyder’s Justice league. Although DC’s live action library isn’t as strong as Marvel’s at the time of writing, it seems will improve in the next few years, something I will cover on the blog.

As for anime series, my favorite is Attack on Titan, with its incredible story and character development. The concept of the protagonist becoming from hero to villain gives it a unique twist that can’t be expected. Other anime series I like are Death Note, One Piece and Spy X Family.

Zach character anime manga, Christories Blog

My inspiration for my avatar is as you see from Eren Jeager, the protagonist of Attack on Titan, matches the overall content I will cover on the blog and be unique and easily recognizable when I post something.

Also, Eren was right. 


My Content

Last, my role on the blog probably is clear now given the things I wrote about myself, the categories I will mostly handle are news, reviews and social media for now, possibly adding in the future depending how things will go.

Most of the post about new games, movies, series that get announced will be posted by me, mainly on twitter as it is the easiest for now to retweet announcements, sharing them as fast as I possibly can. Though the posts will always be focused on the type of content we make on our blog, and the stories the other members will post be prioritized.

I hope you enjoy the content we make as we try our best for as many as people as possible have something interesting to read.


Post's From Zach

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