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Zepar: A Buried Secret

Zepar: A Buried Secret

Zepar is a epic, high fantasy E-Book Novel. It is my very first story that I have ever written. I tried to create a story with a big world, fascinating, adventurous and at the same time mysterious plot that keeps the reader interested. With my experience in Books and Stories I wrote a Story that would keep me interested as I write it, as well. My Dream is to create something at least to remind one of my favorite Books, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Whether I will succeed it is a personal wager :P. Without leaking much of the plot, please enjoy the first, PILOT, chapter below and the many chapters after this in the coming future!

The World and its Past

The sun rises between two huge mountains. The sunlight reaches the city, which was located just below these great mountains, one of which was in fact an inactive volcano. The Dwarves called it «Bullmaar». It was the most feared place many centuries ago, mainly because inside the volcano was the palace of a great Demon Lord. Abigor was his name, but it was long forgotten from the humans, who constitute today the vast majority of the world’s population. A world, which Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Angels, Demons and more creatures of that sort, are sharing. Unfortunately, from the beginning of time, this world suffered from constant wars between all races. Humans are the most inferior race in strength, which means that they were never on the highlight of a war. One could say that they acted as tools for a superior race, mainly they allied with the Angel race.

The constant wars of the past led to the exhaustion of every race, except the Humans who were increasing in numbers as time was going by. Because of their inferiority, they were seemingly posing no threat. Humans took advantage of the arrogance that was running through all opposing races. Long story sort, in the last known «Great World War». Humans allied with the Angels completely dominated the other races, wiping “Dark, Evil” races such as goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Banshees etc., out of the existence. The only dark races that weren’t extinct, were the Undeads, mainly because they can be born from the death of the other races and very few demons.

The City "Bloodyleaf" how it is meant to be in the Story Zepar
“Bloodyleaf” Today


Back to present time, the city below «Bullmaar» was called Bloodyleaf and it is in fact the capital town Erast, one of the greatest human Kingdoms. The Bloodyleaf was, not very long ago, called Greenleaf; It was one Elven town. After the Great World War (GWW), humans conquered this city and slaughtered every elf in it. No one survived and that’s why the citys name was changed to «Bloodyleaf». Despite the tragic past of this city, today it is considered one of the “gems” of Erast. It is known for the prosperity that provides to its locals and the very low levels of unemployment, which is almost nonexistent. Not to mention it has one of the strongest armies in the kingdom.

The humans that transported in “Bloodyleaf”, decided not to change the construction of the city, so they let it be as it was. Looking from far away, one could notice nothing more than a forest, because this city was consisted of big trees forming a forest under the Volcano. The trees itself’s were houses for the people to live inside them. Also, buildings in form of trees were as well shops, restaurants, academies, malls, greengroceries etc. Despite the abnormal city construction, humans could adapt in this way of living, quite easily. Maybe because they loved to have that “Elven living experience”.  


Inside of one specific tree, a young man awakes listening to the peaceful sound of a singing bird. He’s name is Erevos, a 18 year old teen with long black hair and flamboyant green eyes. As he awakes with a sleepy head, he walked to the bathroom. After he finished washing himself, he ran down the stairs and went to the living room, in the middle of which a very long rectangular table was placed. Five people were already sitting and having breakfast.

They are his family: his father, Boros, was sitting on the left edge of the table, common practice in all traditional families. His mother, Ana, was on the right of his father, while a baby, Erevos’s 3-year-old sister Olris was sitting on his fathers left side. His two remaining twin siblings were sitting in the seats next to his mother. They were 2 years younger than him, a boy named Aego and a girl named Oka.

They were a very wealthy family. His father owns a renowned bank and his mother is a politician. In comparison to their parent’s jobs, all children, apart from the 3-year-old of course, want their future job to be a military one.

“Took you long enough to get of your bed…”His father, a tall blonde man. Not knowing he has an 18 years old son; one would guess he was just in his early 30s. In reality he was a very old man about 60 years old.

“Come on darling… Its his last day in the academy. The lessons are over, right Erevos?” His mother, a sweet dark-haired woman, who was always with a smile on her face. Because of her cheerful attitude no one can guess that she was always secretly deadly serious. She always was hiding a killer face as a retired assassin she was. The best assassin in the kingdom!

“Mmmm…” Erevos nodded affirmatively in no mood to be talkative.

“So, big brothers Big Day is tomorrow… He will be finally able to be called an official, acknowledged from the kingdom, Swordsman! I can’t wait for my turn to call myself a swordsman. You may be a few steps ahead, but I will surpass you! Be sure of that!”

“With that small hands are you even able to hold a longsword? You little midget… hahaha!”

“Shut up you horse-legged gorilla!”

The twins were always teasing one another and were having that kind of small fights. Aego, was training to be a swordsman like his brother Erevos and Oka, who was aiming to be an elite assassin like her mother before her. Erevos was always irritated when the fights were starting, especially in the morning, but he secretly enjoyed them, mainly because he loved seeing his sister mock his brother, who was always copying him, something that he was getting on his nerves.


After some time in the family table…“Well, thanks for breakfast. I hope you all have a wonderful day, especially you Erevos.  It’s your last day in academy, you better enjoy it. Now then, I must go to work.” Said the father, kissed his wife and went off.

Erevos’s father, Boros, was one of the most respected men, not only in his city, but also in the entire kingdom. His bank was so trustworthy, that people from other kingdoms came to deposit their money as well. He was the one to always open the bank in the mornings, so usually no employee would yet arrive. This morning was different though. A human figure emerged from the shadows across the room as soon as Boros entered. The person was wearing a hood concealing his face, but the moment they stepped into the light, it became visible that the mysterious person was a woman!

“You open pretty late for a bank, wouldn’t you say?… Eh?… Epsilon!” The strange woman said.

“Don’t call me that! We said we wouldn’t use these names again!”

“Well… You know that the time for us to use them again would come, sooner or later…”

“So, what is the meaning of your most unexpected visit?” 

“That kid grew up pretty fast, right?… 18 years went by like nothing… Oh, sorry I am talking about that thing you call son so casually…”

“Yeah… I understood…”

“Okeyyy. Now to business, Alpha sent me… We are going to have a meeting tomorrow at 5 PM. Archangel Michael will contact with you by the end of the day for the place of the meeting…”

“WHAT??!! You know it’s his graduation tomorrow, right ?!”

“No objections! You better be there for your own good… Well, Alpha actually knew you would say that, so … It is not necessary for Beta to come though”

“Alright…”“Oh! One last thing… You are getting quite emotional with that kid! I hope you remember your position in this matter. It is your mission, after all.”

“You better watch your tongue! I know my mission and I have never failed in one, unlike you! How dare you talk to your superior like that, Zeta…!”

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