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Zepar, A Buried Secret, Chapter VI, The Meeting and the Prophecy

Zepar, A Buried Secret, Chapter VI, The Meeting and the Prophecy

“Small TIP About The World: Even though deities and higher beings exist in this world. Each race is known to have diferent beliefs over some things, such as the creation of the world, the life and its end. Each race has a unique Prophecy in which they base their reason of existance. That was rumoured in the ancient times before the GWW (Great World War). When the Angels, acting as their prophecy demanded, to end their everlasting rivals; the Demons. A War that caused harm to all beings, even those natural, who supported neither side.

Entering the Room

“Lock the door as you come in. The key is already on the door”.

Doing that, Boros walked and sat down on a seat around the table.

“Welcome Epsilon or would you rather call you, ‘Boros’?” said one woman from the people who were already in their seats.

“Since it’s just us, ‘Epsilon’ should be fine…” he replied, “So, what is the meaning of this meeting Alpha?” he asked the person who was seating in the head of the table.

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answers of.” Replied the person, who was known as Alpha. He had a very deep voice with an extremely serious tone.

“It’s about that boy, you so call ‘son’!” said a woman with a hood covering her head.

“Yeah, I figured Zeta” replied Boros/ Epsilon to the woman named Zeta, who was the one who informed him about this meeting some days ago.

“Before Archangel Michael comes, we have to prepare our overall report about this matter. Since Beta is not here, I need this report from you Epsilon.” Said the man called Alpha who apparently was the leader of their group. He was a serious tall man, with brown short hair. His clothes at that moment were very casual like he was trying not to get any attention. His presence demanded respect and attention from all the other members in the room.

“Right of course sir. Let us begin with…” Epsilon started his report…

The Chosen, “Big Six”

It has been a while in the meeting between Boros, who was now been called Epsilon, and his other former comrades. Those are “The legendary chosen heroes” of “Big 6” in a more common tongue. They were considered the greatest, strongest and most intelligent human warriors this world has ever seen. With their strength allied with the angel forces they managed to eliminate the demons in the Great World War. Those six heroes were granted the gift of immortality from the angels by giving them, angel blood.

After the War, everyone followed their own paths; Alpha, the strongest of them and captain of the team, decided to move in Heaven where he could practice and become even better with the use of the spiritual powers, the angels granted him. The fact that they possess angel blood in their veins, makes them equal to the angels, so they were accepted in Heaven, the Angels Realm.

Alpha and Gamma (Άλφα & Γάμμα)

The same path as Alpha took also Gamma, who was in fact Alpha’s sister. Gamma admired her brother more than anyone else. The two siblings had a tragic past, with no parents or relatives to take care of them. They grew up relying only to each other. They trained together, pushing each other to their outer limits. As a conclusion they became the best of the best, their life was only about survival and they knew each other weaknesses and strengths. That’s why they were so well synchronized, every duo would get jealous of. After being acknowledged by their part in the Great War and granted angel blood, they saw this as a chance to improve even more by learning new techniques that never heard before, the spiritual powers! Powers no Human can control.

Delta (Δέλτα)

Unlike the siblings, Delta, the ‘healer’ of the team, took a completely different path. She was a woman full of curiosity about the world secrets. The healing abilities she possessed were beyond every elder sorcerer in the history! The war’s ending and the peace she and her comrades achieved, as well as the immortal life she was granted, was the best opportunity for her to start her researches for the ‘Forgotten Powers.

Zeta (Ζέτα)

Zeta on the other hand didn’t have such “noble” interests. She loved money, gambling and lucky games in general. But she was undeniably the best in her clash. A spear-user with skills so high she could break into any kind of defenses. The truth is that she was raised by Dwarfs, that’s why her abilities were not even considered human-possible. She played a very important key-role in the war against the Demons. She took advantage of her achievements and acknowledge, wandering from town to town, kingdom to kingdom having fun and of course gambling.

Beta and Epsilon (Βήτα & Έψιλον)

The remaining two members, Beta and Epsilon were in fact a couple. During the war they created a bond of love. So, they decided to live together after the war and creating a family. They also changed their names so they could start a new, normal life without anyone figuring who they really were. Epsilon became Boros and Beta changed her name to Ana.

The meeting of the Chosen

Today, after almost a century after the Great World War, the Big 6 had a very important meeting with only Beta to be absent

Epsilon finished his report by also saying the last news he got from a message from Beta, that Erevos is planning on becoming an Adventurer.

“So, that was about it…”

“Hmm, interesting. You are saying that he is not dangerous after all, then?”

“That’s right Alpha. I raised Erevos to be kind, loyal and with a noble spirit!”

“I don’t care about your raising methods. What concerns me and the Archangels is his nature! If he shows any evil intention, if he is curious about the “dark” and its powers.” Said Alpha with a worrying tone in his voice.

“Absolutely, no!” replied Epsilon, “He is always true to his feelings and not to mention if something concerns him, Beta is the first to help him. If something like that was on his mind, we would be the first to know!”

“That still doesn’t prove anything, your report is incomplete!” shouted Alpha. And Epsilon lowered his head. Then Alpha gave the speech to the other members asking them about their opinion.

Delta was the first to express herself.

“This meeting is so we can decide whether we are going to use him, eliminate him or just letting him live as he pleases… We still do not really know if he has anything to do with the prophecy.”

“Well, the odds, that he is, are on his side to be honest here.” Alpha notes.

A Heated conversation

At that moment Zeta was visibly irritated by extent of the conversation, she wasn’t really following it. She was sitting on her chair while having her legs crossed on the table, and playing with one of her knifes by moving it between her fingers.

“Ahhhh…” she sighted, “this is getting longer than I expected… Just kill the boy already, who cares about prophecies and this bullshit anyways…:

A disturbing silence followed after her sayings.

Epsilon was about to stood up and yell at Zeta, but he didn’t. He controlled his emotions at that moment.

Delta was the one breaking this silence.

“Zeta, over this century you became more naïve… That’s impressive, I did not think that could be possible.”

Zeta nailed the knife she was holding at the table, showing aggression.

“Okay, let’s calm down…” said Alpha, “So, for Zetas short memory, lets start from the beginning…”

He started narrating the events from the past that lead them to this moment.

The Event of the Past

As we are told, the Great World War started because of a prophecy, the Angels only knew about, at that time. We ere extremely honored that they shared it only with the six of us. The prophecy was “Everything will turn upside down, when all will be turned”

“Pfff, what a stupid quote.” Whispered Zeta.

“Please do NOT interrupt me until I finish!!!” yelled Alpha at Zeta as her attitude was already getting on his nerves. Then he continued.

According to the Angels, this prophecy is about the end of the world as we know it and their final dominion over the demons. They believed, that at the time the world will be mostly corrupted and only some small steps over its doom, only then, the Angels will turn out to be victorious over their eternal opponents…

From the Great World War’s outcome, we can say that everything went according to this prophecy. Almost all the Demon Lords and Hell Prince’s were eliminated. Then, there was this event…

Where, Epsilon and Beta as they were in pursue of one of the last Hell Prince’s they sensed a powerful aura close to mount Bulmaar. In a cave they found a mortal woman’s dead body holding a child. They reported us and the Angels that, at that time the child was not breathing, but his hear was still pounding. While at the cave walls there was something written in the ancient tongue.

The Prophecy

When the Archangels came to inspect the incident, they were quite shocked as you can remember. As they said the words in the wall contained a continuation of their prophecy. That “… Only a mortal child to start this change, when he starts growing from his long sleep.”

While having a child that it was in comma without being dead was too much of a coincidence, they said…

Having the complete prophecy:

“Everything will turn upside down, when all will be turned, with only a mortal child to start this change, when he starts growing from his long sleep”

The metaphors in this one, were too complicated to figure it out. If the last part of the prophecy was true, then that would mean that the Great World War would not be the end of the demons, as it started with the Angels initiation. And only that child, which apparently couldn’t age, would put this change into motion when he will start growing.

As we decided, Epsilon and Beta took care of it. The Child was an infant for years, until just 18 years ago it started growing! So, right now we should decide what to do with him. It has been a century of peace and prosperity across the human and Angel World. With the Demons being completely absent! In whatever the case, we should decide to either eliminate him or let him be…”

As Alpha finished his long speech, a bright light filled the room…

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