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Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter VII, The Demons Prophecy

Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter VII, The Demons Prophecy

“A Small TIP About The World: The Demons are concidered the exact opposite of the Angels. For years they were equal in power and influence. They too had a prophecy, probably the only thing similar with the Angels. After the GWW, they were completly demolished and the remaining of them were devided, hidden from the world to survive the might of the Angels. Only Two Lords escaped the Cleansing. Which still concerns the Archangels, who want them completly extinct

Inside the room where the chosen Six held their meeting, a bright light appeared out of the blue.

An Angel with ten wings, five at each side of his back, marched from the light. He was an Archangel, only them have 10 Wings. This particular Archangel was the commander of them all, Archangel Michael!

“Apparently you, still have not made up your minds on our matter yet…” said with his echoed voice towards the Six Chosen, sitting in front of him.

“Well sir, we were about to…”

“No need for explanations! I have already been informed about the things you were analyzing…” The Archangel interrupted the captain of the ‘Big Six’; and continued “I did not come here to discuss morals and second thoughts. I want decisions… Right now, I want everyone to express, with their judgement, what, out of our options, would you choose.” The Archangel demanded… Seemingly not having any intention to drag the matter longer as it should have been.

Decisions must be taken

Zeta was the first, who willingly stood up and expressed her opinion.

“Just kill him… We have no use of him. The war ended a century ago and nothing happened ever since. Apparently the second part of the ‘prophecy’ is just bullshit!”

“You can’t just kill a human child just because it has no use of you! What are you even…?”

“Silence!!!” Alpha shut up Epsilon, who couldn’t hold his inner thoughts for himself… “Our Lord ordered us to be short with our answer. No debates!” …

“What is your decision Epsilon?” added the Archangel.

“If the prophecy is not true then just let him live his life… There is nothing he can do against us. And if the prophecy is indeed true, he would be a valuable asset!” said Epsilon, trying to get the other members on his side.

Then Delta, cutting as she is asked with her calm voice…

” Why exactly is elimination an option?”

The Archangel Michael raised his golden eyebrows… like he was impressed with the question? Or like he remembered something long forgotten, from a past that seemed very tragic to remember… He was willing to answer the question.

“Rumors have, that the prophecy refers not only for the angels, as some demons believe it is for them as well. The Prophecy as we know it, is “Everything will turn upside down, when all will be turned, with only a mortal child to start this change, when he starts growing from his long sleep” Which means that: When the world is at our side the change will come and they will be the ones in top… In which case, if this child is the one to bring the Apocalyptic event; he will be our demise! “

Epsilon Steps Up

“We cannot take someone’s life just because of a rumor!” Epsilon continued to defend his decision…

“You seem very attached to the boy…” noted the Archangel.

“It’s not like this! A century ago, you gave me the mission, to protect him and until we figure out what kind of curse he is under and until we find out if the words on that cave, were actually the continuation of the prophecy! You tell me that after all this time, we are just going to forget all that and just kill him and abandon the mission? We are Humans, we can’t take that kind of decisions like that, executing someone just because there is a slight possibility, which is not even clarified, that in the future he might do something bad!”

Epsilon was all out, without thinking of any consequences… but Archangel Michael, understood his point, even though he had no patience for such a talk…

“You seem to forget… You are no longer Human… We granted you the gift of immortality, so you would see the correct way for the humanity and defend them from evil by preventing it even from happening…” The tone of the Archangels voice had that of a warning…

“What would the Creator…”

“THE ANGELS RULE THE WORLD NOW!!!” with an echoed strong voice, loud that filled the entire room, Archangel Michael silenced Epsilon before he could finish his sentence.

Epsilon lowered his head, leaving his thoughts for himself alone…

The Leader gives an alternative

Alpha, as the leader of the six, took the courage to speak first after the incident. Feeling the need to support Epsilon as much as he could.

“The way I see it sir, is that as long as demons live there is that possibility that he could be the child of the rumored prophecy and actually bring the mischievous turn of events… But, if there are no Demons still alive, there is no way he would take their side…”

“That is true, Alpha, but Demons are not so easily eliminated entirely… But if all the High Lords are gone… Then yeah. They won’t be of any threat.” Replied Michael, kind of seeing where the conversation was going…

“As we recall, there are only two of them left…” noted Delta.

Then The Archangel spoke giving his final proposition. “I understand your point of view, and I will respect the feelings of Epsilon towards the child. So, you need to convince me though, that he possesses of no threat to us… Eliminate the last two Higher Demons and I will take it as a proof.”

All Chosen, except Zeta, agreed to give it a try. To hunt down the last remaining threat of evil and darkness.

The Remaining Threat, Demons

With the five of the Six Chosen (As Beta never attended the meeting from the first place), still discussing some small details of their newly given quest…

“Only two of the Higher Demons escaped us from the Great World War…” repeated Epsilon

“Precisely… one of them being Behemoth, the coward, one of the seven Princes of Hell…” mentioned Delta.

With Zeta seeming to remember him…” Ah yes, Behemoth, I remember the day he earned his title as ‘the coward’… hahaha he just fled the battlefield abandoning his legion to save his ass. Guess he succeeded somehow… “. She seemed motivated to hunt him down. “And who was the other one?”


“Zepar, who? I have never heard of him…” Pointed out Gamma. While it was the first time in this meeting where she spoke.

Archangel Michael turned his attention towards her and answered.

“Neither have I ever met him in person, unlike the other High Demon Lords and Princes. It is said that he never leaves Lilith’s side, as he was her Familiar… And while Lilith has never been found after her exile from the Heaven, we can’t be sure if Zepar even exists. But all Demons know their Lords and Masters, and since Zepar is considered one of them he undoubtedly is real.”

“Curious…” Whispered Gamma to herself as she got her answer.

Planing the Mission

Some time has passed and the Archangel had to depart. He gave them five years to complete their conquest and left the room… With the Chosen still to talk about how to plan their mission.

Alpha seemed the one with a plan!

“If the prophecy is rumored that applies also for the demons, wouldn’t that made them to want the child to join their side?”

“That is correct, but what of it?”

“I mean, we could just set a trap with him as bait. To lure out the last remaining demon Lords. Surely they would want him more than anything as he would seem to be their last hope.”

“Marvelous plan… But that could work only if we assume the demons also know who the child of the prophecy is… And we have to move him from place to place since we do not exactly know where the last demons may hide…”

“How are we going to do that?”

Then Alpha replied as he had it all though about.

“For the first matter I think I have something that could work… As for the second… Didn’t Epsilon say that he plans on becoming an Adventurer?…

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