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Zepar: A Buried Secret, C.IX, In a Difficult Situation

Zepar: A Buried Secret, C.IX, In a Difficult Situation

Erevos and his friends are in a difficult situation; they were just informed that War is lurking at the door of the Kingdom. Becoming Adventurers seems an impossible task at the moment, since the National Guild are in conversation with the Kingdoms Army! They are affraid and stressed at the situation! What will they do?

A Conversation In The Park

After a while, Gorgo regained his consciousness and his friends helped him while they were exiting the Building of the National Guild.

Then Alex turned to everyone

‘I don’t know what you guys think, but I call our situation completely doomed…’

‘Nothing finished yet, it’s the first steps that are difficult; we will get through this’ said Erevos, trying to encourage everyone… even himself…

While walking, they entered one of the town’s parks, looking for somewhere to sit. Everyone was revealing their opinions on this whole situation. With Diana trying her best to back up Erevos.

‘He is right! There is no way we will get dragged into a war-matters’

‘How can you be certain of it?’ debated Alex

‘First of all we are not even sure that the war is gonna happen in the first place. And also, I highly doubt that our Kingdom Erast, who is the strongest out of the other three, will be in need of military support from Adventurers!’

‘You can never know Diana! This is war we are talking about! And I have no intention to put my life on the line for someone else’s interests!’ Gorgo said his strong opinion about it, who seemed to have come back from the shock.

Erevos steps up

‘Relax, no one is going to fight!’ Erevos began to raise his voice, ‘I did not ask you to follow me on this journey, to have these kinds of discussions!’ He took a quick pause as everyone had their attention on him. ‘We are the best students dammit. Everyone on his specialty and we were studied and trained for fighting! I understand that transitioning our academic training with actual fights is not the same thing; But I promise you we will not follow a path that not everyone agrees on!’ He got tired of all the fuss. His friends, especially Gorgo, were scared of the unfortunate news, but he couldn’t focus on his goal if his comrades were dragging him back, that was what he was thinking. He had to put everyone together!

Lugous, in that awkward silenced moment, was about to throw a good joke he just came up with. ‘Well, we could say that…’

‘Please, Lugous. Its not time for this!’ Erevos immediately interrupted him.

Lugous lowered his head, but understood. Deep down he knew Erevos was right. He didn’t like that kind of serious talks though. He never did…

Adventurers was the solution from the start!

Some seconds later, Erevos continued while turning his look on Gorgo, who was sitting on bench. ‘The Kingdom can have their f##ing commotion, we will create out own path and choose which fights are worth taking and which not!’ He pauses for a second’ In our Element Academy we were trained for fights and war! But, as you can remember, no one in this group actually wanted to enter the army from the first place! Even though the goal of that Academy was to produce the best Warriors. We will make a difference by becoming Adventurers, it’s the escape route we were dreaming from our first year in Academy!

Just please, trust me, we will get through this situation.’

He inspired them. Everyone had a flashback on their dramatic first year in the Academy. Gorgo was the first to stood up and hug Erevos. Their morale was back!

What can they do?

‘What now?’ Diana seemed interested to throw her thoughts. ‘We cannot officially start our journey without the guild’s approval…’

Erevos concentrates on his thoughts for a second.

‘For now, we can do nothing but wait…’

‘Why not ask someone who could help us?’ Lugous said as he seemed to have an idea!

‘What do you mean?’

‘Erevos’s mother was a renowned assassin for the Kingdom and Irvenes father works in the Army! They might have some insights, or some advices on what we could do.”

“Lugous is correct!’ said Diana ‘We can’t just sit here, doing nothing. We should explore our options, before it’s too late!

“Ok, I will see what I can do in my part.” Erevos agreed

“I will try to reach Irvene” said Diana “She still hasn’t answer us if she wants to join our team since the Academy’s ceremony.”

“Oh yeah! I remember!” Alex nodded “Neither did Noda as far as I remember…”

“Noda deals with some other issues from what I know, Alex. Let’s not push him; he will tell us when he is ready” Gorgo let them know.

Inside Thoughts on the situation

With that said and the tensity between the group of friends calming down, they all agreed to meet again at a certain date at the usual place.

Many things seemed to go against them and their goal.  They stick together hoping for the situation to improve!

Gorgo & Alex POV

Gorgo was really terrified at the start. Possible War scared him. Even though he was one of the strongest in Sorcery skills only shadowed by Alex in physical attributes; as Alex was incredibly tall for his aga and well-build. Gorgo specialized in aggressive sorcery and acted tough around others. Especially Lugous, as they often have their short and sometimes funny, trash-talking conversations. But deeply down he didn’t mind being honest with his close friends. He showed from now and then sights of weakness as everybody does. They all valued his honest feelings; they were good friends.

Alex on the other hand is quiet most of the times, but mostly serious. He and Gorgo grew up in the same neighborhood, like brothers. Most of the times he acts like a protector, and a big brother to Gorgo when the situation allows it. He specializes in support Magic and his spirit fits in perfectly with his academic attribute. Becoming Adventurer, was an exciting thing for him, as he always desired to explore the outside world. He was never able to travel, much like the rest of the group.

Lugous&Diana POV

Lugous was a team-spirit. He enjoyed every second being with his friends. When he was in the Academy, he worried for his future, as he valued his friendship over anything! By the time they decided to follow the Adventurers path and that this will keep them together, he was overwhelmed with joy! His regular joking and teasing say a lot about his every day mood. In today’s matter he couldn’t figure out how to react as he was afraid as much as Gorgo. He couldn’t reveal it, as in his mind he had to keep his social status in his team, as the one who lifts up everyones spirits. After today, his inner thoughts were telling him that he failed…

Diana was troubled today. She had a lot to process. She wasn’t ‘active’ let’s say. These days she had many things in her mind. She was inner-debating on whether becoming Adventurer is the right choice for her. As she agreed to it at first mainly because Erevos asked her to… Inside her thought lie many questions. Is Following him, the right thing to do? Is she chasing a ‘teenage dream’? She plans to talk with Irvene mainly to discuss with her those thoughts… As it seems only danger lies ahead…


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