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Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter II, Academy and Friends

Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter II, Academy and Friends

Erevos’s graduation day has finally come. He was very excited. For him it’s a dream coming true. At dawn he went on his way to meet his academy friends. As he was walking through the forest city, as nicknamed by outsiders. He reached his destination, the Earth Academy. In this kingdom, the academies are named after various elements. This happens mainly to distinguish them from one another and secondly because they specialize in a specific element. In this world, power comes from different sources: Martial arts Techniques, Spiritual Powers, Element and other, that have been forgotten through the ages.

Elemental Academy

The Elemental powers that exist in our world can be harnessed and used for a purpose. Unlike the other powers that exist in this world that can be studied by all races these elemental powers are considered very hard to master. There are few who have managed to tame an element completely. Those that did later on created the academies we now know, focused on passing down their knowledge. The Earth academy, in which Erevos was studying in, was one of the most renowned in the Kingdom. One could train in every class and field; Warriors, Sorcerers, Archers, Healers, Swordsmen, Shieldsmen, and women etc.

The Earth Academy building was the largest in the city! With a courtyard big enough to host any kind of event. Today it was fully decorated for the students’ graduation day. Many people were already gathering at the courtyard, some were making the final preparations, students were talking to one another excited and also there were some family members congratulating everyone for their effort throughout the year.
As Erevos was walking at the courtyard, a girl who recognized him snuck behind him, trying to surprise him.

“Diana… I saw you…”

“Oh, come one! When? Tell me, was I even close?”

“Well… Judging by the circumstances, you were close to ‘scare’ me, but still, that’s another win for me”


“What is the score again? “

“Don’t be like that! I think is 149 to 1”

“He he he. For an assassin expert you are not doing well enough with sneak attacks, do you?”

“For your knowledge I am considered the best assassin in the academy!”

“Oh shit… If you are the best assassin this academy could offer, we are totally screwed…”

“Hey! Don’t be mean! You know it’s only you I cannot catch off guard…”


Diana and Erevos were childhood friends. They have that game, where Diana, as an assassin student she is, tries to sneak and theoretically ‘assassinate’ Erevos without him noticing. Something that could never happen because no matter how skilful Diana was becoming, Erevos was always prepared. He wasn’t the academy’s best student for no reason after all. Diana accomplished to win only one time, from a fatal mistake made by Erevos.

Diana and Erevos were close friends. One could say that they grew up as if they were siblings. But as time went by and they were coming of age, Diana was secretly starting to develop feelings for Erevos. She was a woman with a very cute smile and red hair, which she mostly liked to have them in a ponytail. No one could have guessed she was aiming to be an assassin by her looks. Her height was average, but still a bit taller than Erevos. Somewhere around 1,70m. Erevos for a swordsman, was considered short enough.
Out of the blue, three guys were shouting at Erevos and Diana.

“Heyyy Ereviii, Diana, there you are”

“We were searching for you two”

“What are our two little lovebirds doing all alone?”

Alex, Gorgo and Lugous

The first one was Alex, a very talented student who managed to become a sorcerer and master the art of the shield. He was a tall well-built man with a beard. He was the tallest out of the three.
The second one was of an average height. His hair was blonde and his name was Gorgo. He was a very talented student that followed the magic path and wanted to invest more on becoming a sorcerer. He was a little stronger than Alex in magic skills.
The third guy was Lugous. He was visibly the shortest out of the three, with black facial hair. Still, he wasn’t as short as Erevos though. Lugous specialized in archery and ranger abilities. Known for his humorous temperament and always in a good mood, he was the life and soul of the party.

Erevos, Diana, Alex, Gorgo and Lugous were best friends throughout the academic years.

“The graduation ceremony starts in an hour; I think we should go to our positions”

“What?! Hold on a sec. Positions? Aren’t we just gonna get our certificates and leave?”

“Really Lugous? You think all these people just came to see you take a piece of paper?”

“Well, yeah… Why not? Just seeing my beautiful face should be enough for everybody… Wouldn’t you say Diana?”

“Oh my gosh… No, Lugous! The ceremony requires you to display one of your techniques, while presenting yourself to the crowd. And then you are going to get your certificate!”

“Oh shit, no one prepared me for this.”

“Ok let’s go ask a teacher, because I came pretty unprepared myself…” 

“You too Erevos?! You boys are pathetic…”

Thanks again for visiting us… Coming soon, Zepar: a buried secret, Chapter III, where each of our heroes will present and display their skills!

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