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Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter IV, forming an Adventurers Guild?!

Zepar: A Buried Secret, Chapter IV, forming an Adventurers Guild?!

A Small TIP about the World: Adventurers are something like, hires warriors who do special quests for cities, for people who request them and also sometimes for the army! There is a huge variety of quests, some being very simple and few that require a high rank of skills. Adventurers live for adventure, as their title spoils it. Once someone becomes an adventurer he does not belong in any kingdom; they are hired soldiers, whoever pays more, gets their services. Not only that, but adventures are also known as treasure hunters, seeking abandoned and dangerous places to loot and discover. This proves as well the many risks they take for their lives. Being Adventurers is not an easy task at all.

As, they were getting ready to support Alex and Gorgo in their presentation, right before they exit the backstage, Erevos’s mother, Ana, greabed him by the shoulder wanting to tell him something important…

‘Your father won’t be able to attend your performance unfortunately…’

‘WHAT? WHY? He said he would be here. No, he promised!’

‘I’m sorry, Erevos. A very important meeting for his job just came up.’

‘Whatever… So, who is here with you then?’

‘Only me and the kids. Aego wouldn’t miss your stunt!’

‘Sure… When we return home, he will surely find some flaws in my skill and say something like “I would do it better”, as always’

‘Come on, you know he loves and admires you; he just wants to have your attention’

‘Alright, I must go now…’ Said Erevos and turned his back against his mother and left.

Gorgo and Alex are both sorcerers. The difference between them is that Gorgo specialized is a more aggressive, casting damage dealing spells, while Alex prefers the support role as a healer and protector. Sorcery is considered to be very hard to learn and even harder to master. Even though the process of studying and performing magic and spells is entirely different than the other techniques, it is still one kind of Martial Art.

Humans can only learn Martial Arts that divide into three main categories: Sorcery, Assassination/sneaking skills and weapon skills. Now, of course each of these categories can be further divided. For instance, sorcery splits into support magic, attacking magic, wise magic and trickery magic.

Gorgo’s favourite is of course attack magic. When he got on stage, he performed the most powerful spell he knew.

“Dragon Aspect!”

A skill indeed too powerful for a sorcerer his age. Dragon’s Aspect lights the summoner completely on fire. It’s both an attack and defensive spell, no one can hit someone lit in fire after all. After casting the spell, he ran with incredible speed toward some targets. Gorgo is very muscular and tall, so while he run ablaze, he looked like a very threatening comet everyone would run away from. He dissolved the targets entirely! Maybe the most outstanding performance so far!

Alex was next as supportive sorcerer his act wasn’t to destroy the targets rather to repair them. Alex did a great job recreating the targets, destroyed be Gorgo, from the ashes. Support magic may look very simply and some might even say boring, but it is not! Actually, it’s the second most difficult kind of magic. Destroying something with magic surely is difficult but repairing and healing something or someone is even more complicated than it seems, Imagine recreating (from scratch) the damaged cells of someone’s body. Healing magic in specific demands total concentration leaving the sorcerer vulnerable to attacks. That’s why support roles are almost every time distant from the frontline and protected by all the others.

But this wasn’t always a thing. Long ago in an ancient War between the humans and the hordes of Hell; supports were unprotected because humans believed that by protecting the front line would make them tougher defensively. Their strategy failed completely, because the demon army of the Great Demon Lord Behemoth, who later was known as Behemoth the Coward, targeted the supports first, leaving the rest of the army unprotected from valuable assistance. Centuries later a great established the strategy on defending the supports first, which proved to be more effective in the wars that came.

In Alex’s case tough, this strategy can as well be omitted, because he also specializes in shield roles, which means he can easily defend himself, as one of the academy’s most physically strongest students. As much as Gorgo’s physique impressed everyone, Alex was even taller and even bulkier than him. Adding the long beard, he had, he wasn’t looking as a teenager at all!

After some time, there was a break for the audience because after the break would follow the swordsmen stunts and then a party for the graduated students. The gang of Erevos were all gathered together.

‘Well Lugous, I think the audience applauded my spell much lauder than yours’ said Gorgo with a teasing smile on his face.

‘Fuck off Gorgo! Archery can’t be compared to sorcery, anyways.’ Explained Lugous

‘To that, I will agree. Sorcery is much more outstanding than archery. You definently cannot be compared to us!’

‘Ha ha, you enjoy this aren’t you? At least Archery has no limits dude! With sorcery you can cast 3,4,5 strong spells and then you become totally useless’

‘Ok boys, I think that’s enough arguments for now!’ Diana interrupted them with a laud serious voice, completely silenced the two guys. Then Erevos started a new conversation topic.

‘So, what are your plans for the future, now that we finally graduated from academy?’

‘I haven’t really made my mind yet, Erevos’

‘Why not forming a guild? We get along together, we know each of everyones weaknesses and strengths, I think we would make a good team’ suggested Erevos.

 He always wanted to be close to his friends. With them he felt better and freer than with his family. The only think that Erevos had in his mind was to escape from his family and start his life independent from his parents and away from his brother, who always was getting on his nerves. He actually planned this, to suggest his friends on starting a guild, for a long time. In his mind this was the only way to be close with the people he most cared about.

‘I cannot agree more, but we need to find also another swordsman… With only you in front, our team does not have a tough enough frontline, what do you believe Gorgo?’ said Alex sceptically

‘I also believe in Alex’s sayings. If we decide to join the adventurers path, I think having 3 range members one stealth and only one in front we are going to depend in Erevos’s defensive success.’

‘Being Adventurers and create a guild together with you guys? That’s a dream coming true for me! I Lugous will support you with my bow!’

In the end, everyone concluded to form a guild as adventurers.

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