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Zepar, A Buried Secret, Chapter III, Academy Presentation

Zepar, A Buried Secret, Chapter III, Academy Presentation

The Academy’s graduation ceremony is a celebration day for the whole city. Almost every citizen went to congratulate and admire the future generation. The mayor, some members of the sorcerer’s council and the city’s general were also there. Balloons decorated the place, in the sideways of the courtyard the staff’s people were selling souvenirs and right in the middle was located a huge stage for the student’s final performance and presentation. Everything was in festive climate in this one-day ceremony.

Finally! The time, that everyone was waiting for, has come. The academy president went on stage giving a congratulatory speech, signalling the ceremony start. All students one by one went on stage showing their skills.

Lugous’s presentation was surely a magnificent one. As an archer/ranger he showed his skills mostly with a bow. First, in a split second he launched three arrows at once, hitting three different targets. Then he immediately took another arrow from his quiver, looked at the sky and started flinging arrows. He shot them all except one. With the last one, he took his time and calmly waited for the arrows he sent to the sky reach their hight limits and fall back to the ground. Lugous waited, breathed out and with perfect timing he jumped sideways and released one of his favourite skills.

“Multitarget penetration!”

The last arrow he just launched after saying that, started glowing with yellow sparks. The martial influenced arrow hit every one of the falling arrows! A marvellous presentation applauded by the audience.

Diana was next…

After preparing the stage for an “assassin performance” presentation by putting 5 human mannequins on it, Diana was getting mentally ready. The assassin uniform she was wearing was pitch black with a cloak that reminded that of a crow wing. She put her hood on and whispered her skill…

“Shadow crow empress”

Out of the sudden she disappeared and shadows of her figure appeared in each of the targets! This skill allows her to freely roam between the targets, without getting any attention. She makes perfect use of the shadow realm, so it’s impossible for anyone to even see her. That’s why this skill summons shadows behind every possible target. But Diana was considered the best unofficial assassin in all the kingdom, she even outskilled most of the adult professionals! She destroyed every target in the blink of an eye! The crowd seemed confused… They couldn’t follow her movements at all. The performance lasted only 4 seconds! They applaud crazily.

Diana went backstage, where all the students were preparing for their presentation ‘s. She walked towards Erevos giving him a prideful look …

“Wasn’t I great?”

“You surely nailed that assassination, such pity that you still can’t surprise me.”

“You know I can! It’s just that we agreed not to use our skills while playing. If we did you would not stand a chance!”

“Keep telling yourself that, eventually you might believe it yourself. Hehehe”

Ana, Erevos’s mother, appeared behind him out of nowhere and scared him. Then with a smiley face said

“Well if I understand your game correctly, that’s one win for me, right?”

Diana started laughing.

“That’s the top assassin for ya, Erevos you should have seen your face hahaha!”

Erevos, with an embarrassed look, turned to his mother, who was also giggling quietly.

“But seriously Mrs Ana, you should have been even greater than I ever imagined. I’ve heard rumours that your assassination skills rival those of the Chosen Beta!” said Diana

“Oh, thank you dear, but I do not think I can be compared to her by any means”

“Hey! What are you guys talking about without me!… Oh! Mrs Ana! I didn’t notice you.”

“Oh, hi Lugous. Your presentation was amazing! Well done!”

“It surely was! He he”

“Lugous you missed it, Mrs Ana caught Erevos unprepared and scared him using her superb sneakingskills.”

“Dammit! I can do nothing now but imagine how he looked when he got caught off guard.”

At the moment Erevos looked down on the ground embarrassed with a blushed face. After Lugous saw that, the first thought that came to his mind was to continue teasing him, but he decided to comfort his friend.

“Well, at least we know that you have to be close to the Chosen’s level, to win Erevos”

“Yeah, we were talking about them, just a minute ago! The legendary Chosen heroes or Big 6 as they are called! Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta… The best of the best, those who practically won the GWW for the humans! Also, the only humans that have archangel blood, that grands them immortality. At least this is what the rumours say.”

“You are right Diana… Those heroes existed but the war they took part in was a century ago and now that they are not needed, they disappeared; maybe they blended with the humans and lived a normal life…”

“I don’t think they can have a normal life. I mean they are chosen from the angels as the most elite human warriors. How can they have a normal life? Even though the evil races are gone, there is still conflict between the Kingdoms.”

“That’s a good point Lugous, but one thing is for certain that there will always be conflict between humans and the Chosen are not allowed to participated in wars between humans, cause of the great power they possess.”

“You seem to know a lot about them Mrs Ana, have you ever met them before?”

“Well, not exactly…”

Erevos got up from his seat…

“I think we should get going… Soon, it’s Gorgo’s and Alex’s turn to perform. We should go out and support them”

“Oh yeah! You are totally right! Let’s go.”

Before leaving the backstage Ana grabbed Erevos’s shoulder…

“Erevos, I want to tell you something important…”

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