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Zepa , Chapter X, Part 1, Home Council

Zepa , Chapter X, Part 1, Home Council

Rumors about possible war have started to spread all across the continent of Erast. No one knows the reason and the context behind it; only whispers in the dark…

Did these rumors actively affect the lives of the people of Erast? The short answer is no! The Kingdom is confident of it influence and dominance over the other 3 Human Kingdoms. Here in Bloodyleaf, the capital of this great Kingdom of Erast, the newspaper laugh over the Rulers of Petraborne Kingdom that even think they have a chance against them. At least that is what common folk are discussing about, on the streets of their city…

Some others are not exactly laughing and joking of this possible event, as it has ruined their plans. That being none other than our heroes, Erevos and his friends  who aspired to become Adventurers.

He was very upset about the recent events. He dragged his friends into something dangerous and he felt responsible. On the other hand he desperately wanted to become Adventurer and start exploring the world…

In his inner thoughts

Erevos, never in his life, has ever left Bloodyleaf. Not even for a short family trip, like most of the families used to do. After the discussion with his friends he was on his way home. A long green path, full of grass and flowers, on his way home, as he took a walk alone to empty his thoughts. He decided to take the long way to his home, to delay as much as possible.

“Why do I chose this thing at all… I do not understand… It is like the whole universe wants to constantly put obstacles against me…” He was thinking out loud to himself as he was walking, looking down at his steps .

“And now, I dragged all the others to something they might not want to do… But no! If they didn’t want to participate they could told me so! There is no point to hold their own dreams and desires only to fulfill mine!” He started being aggressive…

A silent pause was followed…

“Aaaggghhhh!!!!” He cried

“Why is this happening. Why to me… No!” He raised his head looked up to the sky; with a move he raised his hair that were touching his face, dragging them to the back of his head. He gave a slap on his face. “I amexaggerating…” He lowered his voice “I can solve this, I have to… But why? I mean… How?” His head began to ache as he confused his words.

“I am overthinking. I will find a way to start my own adventure! Like the ancient nooks, I will not rot in some office work never to explore the world outside this town! I will find a way to finally be free!”

He continued to imagine his potential adventures as he reached home.

Back Home

He opened the door, he looked for his mother and shouted, “Mom!”

“In the kitchen dear!” She replied back to him

He entered the kitchen, his mother was washing the dishes.

“Do you have a minute?”

“Yes, of course, just let me grab a towel…”

They sat at the small table which was located inside the kitchen.

“What is wrong dear?”

“As you know… I,… we want to become Adventurers… But

“But the National Guild stalls you because of the upcoming war.” She finished his sentence as she was reading him like an open book.


“Look Erevos, I will be honest with you. No one knows what’s going to happen… You want to go out and explore the world, I get it. But you have to realize that the world is not like the adventure books you were reading as you were little… The reign of monsters and evil is over… It is only us humans. But sometimes humans can be even more cruel than monsters, hence the situation we are in. The world is Cruel. It wont let you ever to follow your dreams. And sooner you realize this the better.

The world is not as it was before; even the elves and dwarves are extinct. What do youthink lies in the non-human lands? Nothing! It is just waste lands that old tales prevent people to approach them.

Where you are needed is here. You can reach your outmost potential via this Kingdom…”

She made a quick pause as she realized her speech was longer as intended. And Erevos was getting annoyed with her, for still trying to talk to him out of becoming Adventurer.

“Mom… I’ve made up my mind!”

She sighed…

A glimmer of hope

“There is a way… You can try to finance your own private guild. But in this case you will not have the priviliges of the Countrys National Guild, as you have to find missions and potential clients to hire you, all on your own”

“How long does this process take?”

“Its actually very east, considering you gave the right financial support…”

There was a disturbingly long pause as both of them were thinking the same thing.

“Yes, your Father could help you” admitted Erevos’s mother without a second to spare, Erevos stood up kisses his mother saying thank you, walks to the door and exits the house. With fast paced walking he was heading to his Fathers office, to the Bank!

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