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Gear up, contracts and character outfit ‘s, Zepar Chapter 12

Gear up, contracts and character outfit ‘s, Zepar Chapter 12

“So, from where do we start?” Lugous said to them after they unanimously agreed with the terms that got presented to them.

Irvene was surprisingly the most excited one! The last member joining their team opened a map in front of them, that being the one of North Erast and North West Rekdon

“I think we can begin by taking this path…” with her fingers pointing firstly at where Greenleaf is placed, followed a path inside a sketched forest passing the mountains and Mount Bulmaar ending at the North East port… “By going towards Psarife we are sure to find a lot of requests for Adventurers; These villages with their small population and with no regular Army assistance are in need of constant help for various tasks. I know so from my Granma, who used to live there…” a silence was followed as the rest of them didn’t know how to react to the sudden change of mood Irvene took.

But with a wide smile she rests assured that everything is fine.

“I agree with Irvene” Alex spoke up his mind “and by Psarife we could take a ship to take us to Rekdon!”

“Yes, this is the best idea, as Rekdon is our utter destination as our contract with the bank, would demand.” Gorgo was on the same page with Alex.

“Rekdon is a dead country, there wont be a lot of jobs for us, but there will be a lot of places to explore and train to synergize together! Not to mention that the War will not reach Rekdon!”

Zepar Chapter 12

Final decision

Erevos decided this was the best for all; a country/continent that no one has interest in, as his father suggested and requested from him to start. With the war which would take place in the West and North continents, Rekdon in the far East seemed the best choice to start for the young group of friends.

‘There is a long lost history surrounding Rekdon. As the history books narrate, there are only rumors on how this country and continent languished out of the blue.’

In the end a decision was made, a destination was picked and an adventure awaited…

The last thing that left to do is to finalize the deal, take the necessary equipment , gear up and finally begin their journey.

It become Official

Two days later, everything was settled, the whole group met at the usual place, everyone was there in time, Erevos, Diana, Lugous, Irvene, Alex and Gorgo, all went first at the bank where they struck their deal. Then went to the head of the Army with a bank counselor to verify the deal and every document. After the Army, they officially were released from their obligation serving the Erast Army. They no longer serve any Kingdom’s Headquarters. They were expected with much crowd outside the building after the ceremony.

It was the first time in a long, very long time since an Adventurers Team was formed. This event is even more rare since the team will function outside the National Guilds influence. Even though the atmosphere and the crowd were mostly supporting and encouraging them, there were some people that weren’t rooting for them. They thought of them as traitors and cowards as they abandon their nations duties in a time of war.

The last stop

Along the Team, there were some comments about it as they entered the final building which was the Guilds Headquarters. with the enormous door behind them closing and shutting the sound of the crowds’ voices, and screams.

“To be honest, I don’t really care,” started Gorgo, “I get to live without fighting for someone else but myself and my friends”

“Shhh! Keep your voice down!” Alex schooled him “I know your feelings about the war, with only the Kingdom benefiting from it and so on… But we are inside the Kingdom Headquarters!”

“I don’t care, let them hear me, after today I will be a free man!”

“I totally get you Gorgo” Erevos admitted whispering, “my brother calls me a ‘coward’ for running away. But I think he will never understand …”

At that moment Erevos felt Gorgos arm surround his right shoulder, he leans towards the left as Gorgo was praising him.

“You must be proud! You are the one who brought this group together. I admit, I had my doubts at first, but I believe we made the best choice!”

This was not the time to rethink their choice but to celebrate their achievement!

“This is our last stop. We have to officialize a symbol for our team and we are ready to go!” Lugous shouted excitingly. “We all agree with the design, right?”

“Yes, Lugous, it is great!” Erevos responded

“Of course, it is great! It is my design after all…” Irvene whispered to herself.

When a goal ends, another begins…

Zepar Guild Emblem, Christories blog

The adventure begins

So, it is done. They succeeded on their first goal and made a start on their journey as Adventurers. They all packed the necessary equipment and without a second to spare they set on their path towards the unknown…

After reaching the borders of Greenleaf they made their first steps alongside the river of Doom as it was called. It wasn’t always called like this; actually, it used to be an ancient path for the elves that were living on these lands thousands years ago.

They took this safe path with their destination being Psarife village and from there to take a ship for Rekdon.

All had different outfits than the ones from before! Now they have similar looks, in order to be more easily recognized as Adventurers to the common folk. All with a Guild Emblem on their backs. They all agreed on the design. It was a dragon with mostly green color holding or rather standing on top of a big red Apple. Irvene, was the one who thought and designed it, mostly because she was the most talented considering designs, paintings and sketches.

Erevos Outfit

Erevos chose an ordinary outfit for himself. He was inspired by the history and myths he grew up listening to. He stood tall (not really as he was the shortest member), with a leather armor, light to allow him to move swiftly. Speed is a great attribute of Erevos. Back in the academy’s graduation he could easily penetrate the defense of his fellow opposing classmates. With movements so quick even the greatest frontline could not react to. He wore a cape as well, this was just for a decoration to his outfit, as he was fond of a hero in myths that wore a black cape. His overall outfit was nothing extraordinary. His sword was hanging from his back on top of the cape in which there was pictured the teams emblem in the center of it.

Zepar, Erevos Outfit

Dianas outfit

Diana’s outfit was both practical and stylish. Her black leather bodysuit hugged her curves, providing the flexibility and freedom of movement needed for her stealthy missions. The material was lightweight and breathable, allowing her to move quickly and quietly, without being hindered by excess fabric. On her feet, she wore black leather boots with low heel, perfect for maintaining balance and stealth, while still providing some protection from potential hazards. She also wore a soft fabric collar that kept her neck warm and helped muffle any sound. But mostly she chose the collar purely decorative. Unlike any assassin she had no cloak nor hood, as it is common. After all she is a master in shadow techniques and can step into the shadow realm and disappear in seconds. Her hair was pulled back into tight a ponytail, out of the way of her face and neck.

Except the collar she had on her neck, she wore a jewelry that was a small silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a serpent. It was a gift from Erevos some years ago and she refused not to wear it.

Zepar, Diana Outfit

Irvenes Outfit

Irvene’s outfit was different than Diana’s. She wore a suit of armor that was both practical and elegant. Designed to protect her in battle, while showcasing her femininity. Her armor was made of polished steel and featured intricate engravings of vines and flowers, accentuating the curves of her body. A long dark green tabard hung from her waist decorated with the symbol of her Teams emblem on the front. She had a helmet as well, that was equally impressive, with a delicate metal filigree framing her face. It provided her with protection, while still allowing her to see and breathe easily. She was to use the helmet only in combat. Otherwise she would hang it on her belt she was wearing on her waist.

She wore just like Diana, a pair of sturdy leather boots that reached up to her knees. The whole outfit was designed by her and crafted by her parents. They both were in the army and had knowledge in blacksmithing. Her weapon, a long and slender spear, was her pride and joy. The spear was made of rare, lightweight metal that was both strong and flexible, allowing her to wield it with great skill and precision. It was dear to her as it was passed down to her from her mother as a gift.

Zepar, Irvene Outfit

Lugous and Alexs outfits

Lugous and Alex were almost identical with their outfits. It was like they went shopping on the same store. They both had a simple light green tunic leather armor with a hood. With the team’s emblem decorated on their backs. The only difference being that Alex had a cloak as well. Lugous instead of a cloak on his back he carried a magical quiver designed by Gorgo. This special quiver enchanted with magic could provide him with unlimited supply of arrows every time he reaches his hand on it! It was a hard work for Gorgo crafting it, but it was a splendid successful work that Lugous was truly thankful of. But for Lugous the concern wasn’t on the practical things but to the decorative ones, as he was excited for his hood, always covering his head. While Alex was also carrying his Shield.

Zepar, Alex Outfit
Zepar, Lugous Outfit

Gorgos outfit

Gorgo had a similar look to Alex with the cloak and the hood. But his armor was differently made. It was with decorated with leather tunic, dark red like the color of lava inside the volcano. His specialty in magic is the fire element so he wanted his outfit to have a touch by it. He was easily distinguished from the other group members, while everyone had a touch of green on their armor and outfits, he had chosen red. Everyone could notice his love for fire sorcery.

Zepar, Gorgo Outfit

They all grabbed their bags with the extra equipment’s, and made their way towards their adventure…

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