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Zepar, Chapter XI, Considering the Deal

Zepar, Chapter XI, Considering the Deal

A meeting was arranged at the usual spot. It was supposed to be relatively early, but Erevos appears to have overslept a bit. He realized it by noticing the sunlight inside his room! He plans to get up from bed before the morning sunlight hits his face. Today it reached him and immediately got up as he remembers he had a meeting with his friends, in order to reveal the good news!

He found a way to become Adventurer by getting the right sponsorship in order to be unrelated with the national Guild. Even though he talked with his father, the deal was offered by Boros the bank manager. This change in the personality, caused the deal not to be as the best possible, but an option nonetheless. He would reveal everything to them, tough considering the time he wore up, he would be the last to arrive.

A clash against brothers

He rushed downstairs to grab a sandwich as his breakfast from the kitchen. In the hallway stood his younger brother Aego. He knew what was going on, as he had sneaked on Erevos’s conversation with their mother.

“So, you became a coward after all…”

“I don’t know what you are implying Aego”

“You rush to leave and abandon the service of our country in time of war!

“Aego, I have no time for such a conversation, you always had been a fanboy of our army. My motives wouldn’t even seem reasonable to your delusional opinions”

“Strong threats for a coward!”

“You want to start a fight or something? Get out of my way, I am already late!”

He pushed him aside as gently and calm as he could and headed towards the exit door.

Aego thought of starting something but changed his mind and let him go

“To think I used to believe you were the best in all Kingdom…”

The final meeting

On the bridge were everyone. All gathered, Lugous, Alex, Gorgo, Diana even Irvene made finally an appearance. Erevos was the last to join for the first time ever. As Lugous did not miss the chance to joke around about it. Apart from the most unfortunate and sad rumors about the war which seemed inevitable, they seemed to be in a good mood!

“So who would be the first to reveal the news?” Lugous commented as he was starting to get nervous.

Irvene took the speech before Erevos could utter a word.

“You know guys, I remember the time you asked me to join you… At first I had my doubts, but didn’t seem like a bad idea at all. But my father told me about the war. It is official, but not yet revealed. The Guild will be a part to the Army forces. SO basically becoming Adventurer is the same as soldier.” She had a forceful sarcastic laugh after that, thinking it was a funny thing.

Before anyone could continue their thought process, Erevos was the one ready to give hope to the team.

“There is a way” Everyone seemed interested and patiently heard him.

“We have the option to become Adventurers without the need to join the National Guild”

“How would that work?”

“Stop interrupting Lugous and you will find out!” Diana scolded him giving a good hit at his shoulder

“Sorry” He replied

“So, as I was saying, the option is to start our own guild independently”

Considering the Deal

“This would be hard Erevos, you know it. The National Guild provides a variety of quests constantly. It would be hard for us to even collect and find requests for Adventurers all on our own!”

“I know Alex, but this is the only option”

“I see… But assuming we accept to deal with the lack of quests… How will we get financed to have our own license for Adventurers, not to mention our equipment… We are no longer under the protection of our families. We have to sum the amount ourselves. Which we can only possibly find via..

“A Loan” Erevos finished Alex’s sentence “I know, that’s why I had contacted my father and had a meeting with him about it. The bank could provide us the support and be the sponsor we need. But there are of course some terms.” They all await to her them.

“In order to guarantee themselves profit… For the first year they will take all the additional profits we make, until they regained their original investment. Not only that, but we will be limited to the places we can work on. In short we should only be in the continent of Erast and Rekdon. All the other Kingdoms will be prohibited; Petraborne, Islands, the Subhuman Lands …”

“Only Rekdon and Erast” thought out loud Alex

“Only those two, correct”

There was a quick pause of processing the information… Until Lugous came up with a comment

“You sounded like your father, like a businessman with the way you spoke…” He tried to joke a little and break the serious silence, but it didn’t have the wished outcome. Since Erevos got irritated by his comment… Lugous realized it and continued to more serious conversation

Final decision

“All and all, I think this is a solid deal”

“Why is that?”

“Think about it Gorgo, we weren’t going to become Adventurers for the profits and the income, but for the Journeys! So the bank having the money is no big deal. Also, Rekdon is enormous land, it will take us months to explore! Not to mention most of us haven’t even visited towns outside Bloodyleaf, so basically even Erast would be considered a ‘Foreign Land’” He laughed at his own smart comment.

As did the rest of them of course! They had a deal in their hands and an official way to start their journey. With everyone agreed, Lugous continues

“So, where do we start?”

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